Sunday, October 02, 2011

Missing Suki

Yesterday was a disappointment as we had to make a decision whether to drive in pouring rain for 4 hours to see Suki or to stay home.
For safety and sanity's sake we chose not to drive.
All three of us were sad, but even Suki agreed that she would not have made the drive if she were coming to us.

Later that evening the storm clouds parted.
Robin and I took Emma for a walk down the street to Cove Haven Marina.

The  post storm clouds with the glow of the afternoon light were magical.

This is my neighborhood. I wish I had a house on the water like this but at least it's right down the street.
Doesn't this look like a jigsaw puzzle?
Suki, you were with us as we took these photos and walked along the shore.
Next time, my friend.
Rhode Island is calling you.
Lo and Robin


  1. What a bummer not getting to go see Suki after looking forward to it so long. . . But better to be safe then sorry. Thats not a short trip. Lovely views around there. Hope Robin is having a wonderful time. Did you get some time off from work?

  2. What a disappointment for you all. At least Robyn made it to your place. Have fun. CAn't wait to hear all about it. Your neighborhood is beautiful.

  3. I know Suki would rather keep you safe. I would if I were in her shoes. I think you live in a rather glorious place, Miss Lo, and I hope you two are having a wonderful time. xox

  4. So disappointing when practicality means safety. I'm sure you all talked on the phone which is a small measure of comfort.

    Your place looks so beautiful!

    Hi Robyn from me and Sunshine.!

  5. ps, I mean your neighborhood.

  6. yes that last photo looks like a picture-perfect puzzle. you live in a small state (the tiniest in the nation) with water everywhere. how disappointing you were not able to visit suki and the autumn colors. how gracious she was in understanding. i am sure robin is seeing new england beauty everywhere: how nice!

  7. Well, dang!
    This was one of those times when 'jumping off' without looking,,or 'working without a net'
    just wouldn't have been a good idea. Wise, although disappointing decision.

    That picture puzzle area looks so fabulous, lucky you to be near it!
    One could stare at it for hours.
    Lo, would you please give Robin a message for me? For weeks on end now, I've been trying to comment on her blog. No go. Hers is the last one that I've not been able to access. Blogger says it still doesn't 'recogize' me.
    I don't have her email address, so couldn't drop her a note to tell her and say hi. Also that I love seeing all her opera goings on, especially the ball field. Could you do that for me?
    Thanks much!
    Hoping you guys are having a blast!

  8. thank you for this post, Lo. As someone says, I would certainly rather know you were safe during all the rain rather than on the road. Driving in the rain, why do it unless it is absolutely necessary? Not for four hours anyway. If I lived half an hour away that would be different.

    So glad the day cleared for you at the end too. Robin, have a few lovely days before you return to SF. Hugs and love, suki

  9. I am so sorry you didn't see Suki.
    I know how you all looked forward to it. But I also know how you dislike driving in the rain. And just like Suki says when it was a half an hour it would have been ok, but 4!!!! For me that is driving up to the other side of the country!.

    I hope you are having fun and I hope you catch you 2 later.......

    Lovely pics LO! Your area is so beautiful and so is the light this time of the year.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  10. Your photos are paintings screaming to happen. So lovely.
    Too bad you couldn't link up with Suki. Yes, next time.

  11. That must have been a disappointment. However, your photos are simply beautiful!Hope you are well.x

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