Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Chick with attitude!

This is one of the resident chickens at Coggeshall Farm when Robin visited.
She came out to greet us....

...turned and stepped through the gate when I got too close,

And then told me to go home! hahahaha!
Could she have been more clear?

And I thought I'd throw this is seeing as I haven't posted much art lately.
I painted this chicken a few years back and sold it in California.
It's one of my best selling notecards on Etsy.
Happy Animal Wednesday, my friends!


  1. that chicken is so beautiful both the real one and your art work. hope you are okay, dokay.

  2. I am so happy you *captured* that Chickasdee!!! She is a beauty!!!

    Miss you.....

    HAW! Have a great day at work...think of me as you cross the *little bridge*!

    Love to all,

    ♥ LS ♥

  3. hee hee, i love bird language. she is a fine chicken, but your drawing is even better. i will have to go look for that card, so cute.

  4. I love that chicken! It has an attitude to match mine....which may not say much about *me*...hahahahaha!!!
    What a hoot!
    Perfect photo... ;-D


  5. Hahaha wait until Marja sees this!
    The painting is lovely!
    I always love to see old work as I haven't seen all yet......


  6. I LOVE these kind of chickens. I love how it turned its butt at your.. hahaha. Love your card too. You know I love Chickens and Roosters. Fun post.

  7. oops. one to many letters in there. I love how it turned it butt at you. not

  8. heehee what's wrong with me?
    this chick seems perfectly fine
    no attitude, multitude or cluckatude--
    just a desire to dine

    tsup! smooch lo,

  9. Very expressive chicken.

    Columbus day messed me up. Today should be Wednesday - I'm all mixed up!

  10. Mz Chicken didn't relish your company but it is fun to see her. Love the chicken you painted. I can see why she is so popular. HAW.

  11. That is a handsome chicken, what a clucker! Not surprised your postcard sells so well, lovely. Are you selling well on Etsy, pleased with it?

  12. Cute chickie, and I LOVE that header!

  13. I am so glad that you and Robin met each other- way to go girls! Wish I had been there too.

  14. Beautiful pictures of this chicken-and lovely drawing.