Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday Snippet

Today my leg felt good enough to take myself on a walk.
Mother Nature is giving us little hints of what's to come.
Personally, I can't wait for the full spectrum glow!
Back to work tomorrow, slowly but surely.

Happy Sunday, my friends.♥


  1. glad to hear you feel a bit better. somewhat dull show up here i guess by some peoples standards. to me it is all beauteous.

  2. Luv the new header...Blissy as a Lute-playing Angel!!!

    Love the quote.....Goethe is one of the reasons I learned German!

    Love you, dear the Furry Ones and Bri!

    Miss you all!!!!!

    ♥ LS ♥

  3. Hi Lolo,

    I've been busy catching up here and everywhere else. I'm loving your hints of gold and the promise of more to come. Meeting Robin was a treat plus!! What a special time. Love the new header.


  4. Our colors are just starting around here. Hot this weekend.
    I'm glad you leg is feeling better. You'll be skipping to work before long.

  5. Love the lute playing kitty. I didn't know you were laid up. Good to know you are out and about.

  6. Did I miss something - what's happened to your leg? Do hope you'll soon be fighting fit. Really pretty autumn pic!xx

  7. Glad your leg is getting better, hope working won't make it worse again... :(
    Lovely snippet :) Here we have autumn too after a warm and sunny September October started with autumn weather.
    Today it blows.......
    Today I will go to the dentist and after that I will drive up to see my Mom and Aulikki. A full day but than I can start painting tomorrow.

    Your kitty angel suits the autumn colors ;)

    Have a good day at work
    Hope to talk to you soon

  8. Yes, we are getting splashes of color here and it feels like autumn. I hope you feel better soon!!

    Happy autumn my friend! <3

  9. I tell you, I miss the wonderful autumns of Canada (and to some extent, London/UK). Walk often, on my behalf, too. Enjoy .. then post great photos

  10. Very happy about the leg - amazing what good therapy can do...and love the new header - just love it!

  11. but lo, the golden tree of life springs ever red and yellow and orange too. yes? :^)

    how blessed are we with this summer-autumn weather! my gosh, it's been so gorgeous. if i weren't working one bit, i would plant bulbs and write my book. and make soups and breads and visit my special friends (i'd head south first) (like, one state down) :^)


  12. Aw, kitty in the header photo is amazing and fun. Is is sad that it reminds me that the "Puss n' Boots" movie is coming out? I looked back after not recalling what is hindering your leg, guess I missed it during my absence. Glad it is better! Love the season!

  13. I love that lute playing angel kitty in the banner!

    I went for a long walk today, loving the changing leaves around me.