Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Mystery Box

Well what do you think is in this big box that came from Robin?

The lilac tissue is SO her :)

WOW!!! Look at the size of this guy! He's tired after flying all the way from San Francisco.
Well, he sort of flew :)

Emma took off like a shot and hid under the pillow!

It could be that she remembers the story about her daddy (Brian) getting attacked by ravens in Bodega Bay at the same place where "The Birds" was filmed. See the schoolhouse? She just KNOWS Alfred Hitchcock sent this damn bird!

It's true, they showed no mercy.

Bliss is a lot tougher than Emma, believe it or not.
Here she is checking him out near one of her beds.

There'd better not be bird poop in there, hairy guy!

Nope. Good thing for you! I'll be watching you though.

But I love him and he apparantly loves our Rhode Island Red Rooster.
Aww, he'll find a place in Em's heart soon. And Bliss will lighten up too.

Meanwhile, guess what I named him?


He's a bit more hairy looking than feathery, probably because he's still young and downish.

Hairy CAWnick Jr. !!

Happy Animal Wednesday, my dear friends.

Thank you Robin! I love him. Can I keep him, huh, can I?



  1. HAIRY CAWNICK???? wow wowo woww...SO FUNNY!!!!
    you are too funny!! love it, love the birdy

  2. that robin just knows how to find the most perfect gifts. i can see you all are having fun with this guy. Great.

  3. You are soooooo funny. Love the story. Lucky you getting a migrating Raven.

  4. ROFLOL'!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hysterical post Lolo.

    Still ROFLOL


  5. hahahahaheeheehahahahaheehee

    plus, i can hear you chuckling and cackling all the way from barringto to northampton!

    the shots of brian are hilarious. hilarious!! i looked at them multiple times before i understood what and where. ahahaheehaha again.

    no doubt robin totally delighted in finding this for you. and no doubt she will be on the floor reading this.

    you giant goofball.


  6. :)))))))))))))))))) Oh how Histerical..Love the present. Love the fun.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA Now that's a fun post to start the day with!
    What a perfect gift!
    But that picture story is hilarious.
    Hairy Cawnick jr will find a loving and warm home at your place!

    Too funny!
    Enjoy him!
    We want to see more!


  8. Hahaha! This is too funny. And Hairy looks like he has lots of personality. :) Love the Ode to The Birds! xo

  9. What a HOOT, I mean CAW! Yep, he's a cutie, and so right for you. I do hope the family warms up to him soon. That was a very thoughtful gift from Robin. Great name.

  10. Oh......those photos.. Bliss checking Hairy out, Em *under the covers*.... but....the photos of Bri in Bodega Bay are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!

    I KNEW *Hairy* would find a good home in Barrington! I am happy you liked him!

    CAW!!!! CAW!!! HAW! HAW!


    ♥ LS ♥

  11. Awesome Hairy Bird!
    and what an awesome gift,,,exactly perfect for you!
    Poor Brian,,,wow.I'd have wet my pants!
    That's a great Rooster also,,,,

  12. hee hee, that is going to be a famous bird, i can imagine he is going to be in more than one painting :)

  13. How long was it before Bliss moved into the empty box? :)

  14. hysterical! This made my day :)

    Have a lovely weekend - hugs!

  15. haha! fantastic blog, love it!

    I'm over at 'A Byte of Science' which is a Blog I've just started up which focuses around popular science topics. It would be awesome if you could check it out,
    Thanks! :)

  16. GREAT NAME!!!! What a perfect gift for you. Too funny seeing Emma hide and Bliss get all up in Harry's personal space!!!! Great photos, fun post!!! Have a great weekend!

  17. Love the Raven, poor Emma, I've always found Harry Cawnick a bit scary too. Hey I got engaged to my true love in Bodega Bay, the birds pecked at me until I said yes.