Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Animal Wednesday with Robin

What a wonderful week Robin and I spent together getting to know one another in person. She was a delightful guest! I just took her to the airport where she'll be getting back to her life in San Francisco. Just like when Marianne left, I miss her already.

Here I am photographing her photographing a seagull!
She was fascinated by everything here, even the ordinary.
This photo was taken at Colt State Park in Bristol.

We strolled through the gardens and arboretum at Blithewold and I discovered a pond which I had never seen before. It was fun sharing something new with her.
These koi were coy! They just wanted to stay beneath the surface although the sun was calling them.

We had a wonderful lunch here in Newport.
Most of the shops have water and treats for doggies that pass by!

Lions and griffons on my favorite planter at Blithewold.

And this sweet little Viceroy we saw on the Cliff Walk.

And here's the gang at Coggeshall Farm. One burro, one horse, and an entire family of heirloom cattle. They are massive and gorgeous!

Lilac Robin is scouting for more wildlife.

Looking for shells...

The adventurer!

Marco!!! Polo!!!!! Marco??? Lolo????

And so she continues to sleuth along the water's edge.
I'm told she loves it here.
I'm sure she'll be back ;)



  1. You two could be sisters ... and, after a fashion, so you are.

  2. I thought you knew each other from living in CA as you are so close. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Thanks for sharing the visit. Sure went fast. Great photos. I am back to not being able to comment on some blogs again. This time it gives me no options. Big sigh.

  3. absolutely fabulous photo of Robin. The first one, close up. Looks like you had much good weather and times. My friend who used to live in Bristol wandered the rocks like that and came home through the years with huge VATS of gorgeous sea glass.

    Got an email and the application from Betsy Green but need to phone her and explain my finances (no income for example) and see if it is worth applying. Sight unseen. thanks for the tip and viewing.

  4. Oh how wonderful these pictures are!!!!
    Fabulous one of Robin! I saved that one .
    Lovely animal Wednesday post. Bet you miss her. I know the feeling of saying goodbye to friends.......:(
    But she will be back, I know!
    And so will I one day


  5. Great photos, how awesome that y'all got to visit and explore together!

  6. heey wonderwoman :):):) how it was with our amezing frends in rode island like emma brain and lolo and bliss i loveee the pictures xoxo felix

  7. Lucky you having her for an entire week.

  8. It sounds like such a wondeful time. Great photos. And I know how quiet your house is now without her. Thanks for letting us know what you all did.

  9. a beautiful wonderful first photo of wrobin!

    what a great tribute to a great visit. isn't it something else to forge and solidify relationships that begin with words and colors and computer keys and become deep and abiding frienships?

    there are more photos, yes? i even have a few myself. :^)

    good friends deserve good friends. this post affirms that. yay for you, yay for wrobin!


  10. what lovely photos... and the butterfly fly too, one of my favorite subjects to capture.

    thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Oh *sneaky* BS!!!! I had no idea you took most of those photos!!!!! Now everyone can see me trying to photograph - well - EVERYTHING!

    All that you said, I feel DOUBLE!
    The most WONDERFUL week I have had in's the truth!

    I miss you so much..... the week flew by..... will be sharing my photos soon.


    Love to you, Bri, Princess (I can still hear her *motor* going...) SH (I can still hear her *purring-growl* as she sees squirrels) and...Short-y!

    ♥ LS ♥

  12. what a fantastic adventure you both had. lovely photos of robin, its easy to see how happy she was.
    i hope your not missing her too too much dear lo. there are so many lovely memories to now enjoy.

  13. Such a lovely day you had! It's nice to share with friends.

  14. How wonderful to read you've met in real life!

  15. I love this post!!!
    It is so much fun to see fellow bloggers meet up, post about each other and see the delight of meeting.


  16. How lucky you are to meet up with blogging friends! You certainly live in a beautiful area for visitors! x

  17. How fun! I so enjoyed trekking with you all. And such gorgeous weather to boot!


  18. Aw, I'm glad you and Robin got to spend some time together!

  19. Aw, I'm glad you and Robin got to spend some time together!