Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Dogs in cars

Some days I take my camera to work with me so I can catch a glimpse of sweet faces in cars along the way, like this one...look at her smile :)

And this sweet galooot! That's a string/muzzle type thing across his nose, not saliva. 
 I was eating chowder in my car parked next to him. His eyes were on the restaurant door waiting for his parents :)
I love him!

And here's my girl Emma in my car at a park in Monterey just before we moved.
How cute is she??? C'mon, you KNOW she is ;) 
Embiggen this face!

And here's my golden girl, Bliss, basking in the afternoon sun in the studio.
Okay, she's not a dog in a car but she still deserves a spotlight!

Happy Animal Wednesday!
I will visit as I can. I'm looking forward to it.



  1. What fun seeing all of these pooches. Emma is a sweetheart with the cutest face. Of course Bliss must share the spotlight some but she does command attention. HAW.

  2. How cute all these photos are. But yes you must add Bliss. she is part of the family & an animal for Animal Wednesday. :)

  3. hee hee, cute! i always take photos of owen in the car too. emma is so cute, yes! and she looks so comfy sitting on her blue puff. is that her frogg i see behind her?? :)

  4. emma looks like a fashion plate. was this when she was a guest star on project runway?

    the glow on bliss is other-worldly

    and, any dog picture, anyway anytime makes my heart happy


  5. Such characters! I wanted to embiggen Emma but Blogger's new photo viewer doesn't want to play ball :( Beautiful Bliss! Hope you are well Laurel.

  6. Precious animal friends all.

    Henry says Hi to Bliss!

  7. Emma is seriously cute. Tanner wants to meet her.

  8. I love pooches in cars - they look both serious and happy - it's delightful. Funny story about Samson in the car once with his head out the window, and his paw went onto the automatic window closer and I heard "gasp, glurp" before I could rescue him. From then on, I locked the controls so he couldn't strangle himself again.

  9. Now that's some cute pics!!!!! Of course, your Emma is the cutest...and has the sweetest name as well! (may daughter's name) Thanks for the adorable snaps, Bliss looks like our Dudley!

  10. Bliss is a very beautiful cat, of course you had to include her! And all the dogs are so cute (especially Emma). HAW

  11. I just fell in love with Bliss!

  12. Ah, thank you for all those beautiful faces! xoxo

  13. That photo of Bliss is magazine worthy!

  14. Lovely shots! Your furry sweethearts are the best you know!!!!!

  15. Lol. There is nothing that says "Carpe Diem" more than a dog with it's head out of the window of a moving car. I did an illustration of my dog doing that a couple of years ago. It is a favorite amongst my clients.

  16. these guys are all so cute. hugs.

  17. So sweet - I do so love dogs (and cats, we have 3!). Emma is so cute!!

  18. This made me smile real big! and my heart reels with joy. Thank you!!

    Have a splendid weekend and Happy Autumn!

  19. Well I'm not a Catperson ((;....but Golden Bliss,wow!
    Yeah the doggies love them,don't get me wrong,I'll never harm a Kitty,LOl.
    How are you?

  20. Dear BS,

    As I told you, I scrolled down this post, looking at the photos before reading your words.... when I got to the third photo, I thought, "hmmmmm...this little dog really looks like did Lo find a photo of Emma's "Twin"?"

    I was laughing to myself AFTER ....cos' I recognised Emma! Oh yes.... I now think I could pick her out anywhere! The other two doggies are the Black-n-White guy!

    Blissy!!!!! She looks so ethereal....a real beauty!

    Next week, I will meet both your girls!!! I can't wait!

    Love to all,

    ♥ LS ♥

  21. Darling little cuties, they are!

  22. I always love seeing dogs sticking their heads out car windows.