Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've been Oprah-fied!

When I lived in California I was so busy (and popular) that Brian used to jokingly call me "the second coming of Oprah." I thought it was hilarious, always wondering how the hell Oprah could juggle all that she did.
(Um...being a billionaire and having a huge staff who make a lot of money!!!!!!!!!)

I admire Oprah for being self-made, I do.
I'm self made too. I may not be successful monetarily, but I'm rich in love and friendship.

Here are 5 things I know for sure.

I am very blessed with true, amazing friends.

Ditto in the husband department. Through all of our ups and downs we still have each other's backs. And there has always been a mutual respect. I love that.

I know I always try to do my best even though I often fall short. But I do try.

I would give nine cents of my last dime to someone who needed it more than me.

I know I'm blessed in spite of the journey I've had, as well as because of the journey I've had and survived.

So here I am on the cover of "O" magazine. Big boobs, black hair, darker skin and my old red hair which is back to blonde.
I'm surrounded by dogs...yay! What, no kitties?
And I look relaxed.
Now if I could only make this horrendous sciatica pain go away.

oh yeah, Calgon, take me away!

I miss you guys!! But again, I'm trying.



  1. So good to hear from you Lolo. I was thinking about you today. Funny that you posted. So glad to see that you are doing well. Big Hugs.

  2. Oh I love YOUR cover. LOL
    Good to hear from you. I do miss your art. Oh...Annie gets her staples otu tomorrow. She is healing so fast. It will be awhile till she is walking on her leg I would imagine, but she is sure her self again.

  3. Dear Oprah-Lo, so good to hear from you and know all is well and you are happy!! That's all we need to know once in awhile...and maybe a teeny bit of art. :)

  4. that's doing pretty good to make an Oprah magazine cover, ha! thinking of you as you make this huge transition in your life. you are breave! hugs, suki

  5. you media mogul! (is mogul the right word to use here? but it sounds so good)

    it's good to see your silly humor making its debut in your new life.

    i read your first 'for sure' and i am happy to say i know i among that group of amazing friends. you are a great friend in return, lo, and thank you for welcoming me, now long ago, when i was wobbly and whimpy. we are friends for life.

    and your brian: you are both lucky ducks.

    love love
    ms. kj

  6. well you have been busy! the cover of oprah! i think your beautiful eyes look good with any color hair, hee hee.

    don't work too hard! thinking of you.
    xxx lori

  7. I am blessed too! having you as a friend!!!!!!!
    And all the things mentioned in your post are the reasons you are such a special fiend and you always will be !
    You have so many qualities I admire in you and what makes you special!
    Brian and you make a wonderful couple!
    And the things you mention are not just loose words, they are true, You are generous in all ways, you are blessed because you have found a way to overcome your journey , you are not only a survivor but also an example to others!
    Black red or blond hair, you are you and that's what counts.
    And Lori mentioned your eyes and I have looked into those mirrors of your soul and that told me all.

  8. This is a wonderful summary of yourself. I think you have, in a nutshell, defined what we all hope to aspire to.
    Good Girl! And you look soo much better than Oprah!

  9. How clever of you, altering the O Mag cover. Excellent reminder to look up when you are feeling down.

  10. I'm with Marianne here....yup!