Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Newport Animals along the way

Nice little summer place, eh?
I took a drive down the street the other day after work and thought I'd take a turn onto Ocean Drive, a known street for the wealthier residents. Some of them summer there, others hunker down all year long to enjoy the winter solitude without so many tourists..

~This is a little inlet in the bay~

~ a sweet house on the rocks~

~a boat on the quiet water~

~ a nice nestled home~

~You can't get through Newport without seeing sailboats. It's the home of the America's Cup, I believe. Many summer residents live on their yachts~

These kites were crazy! All in unison...wild!

~More of the shoreline which reminded me so much of 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach, CA.~ 

All of a sudden I was at a pasture as soon as the ocean view ended. These horses were so friendly! I love the dappled sunlight.

Three amigos :)

This is inspiration for a future painting.

And finally, a very strange cow!! Looks like he has a rugby shirt on!! And he looks a bit like a pig, no?

Happy Animal Wednesday!

And for those of you who would like to do an "O" cover, here's the link.



  1. How lovely it all is!!!! Sea, sky, boats......all things close to my heart! (Did you know SF will host the America's Cup in a few years?)

    Horses..... sigh.....I adore them so much and this is a great photo - and should be painted!!!!

    As for the *unusual* cow.....she (he) looks like the result of Mim's cows/pigs in a field! A-ha-ha!

    I did post on your previous post before I headed off to a rare early morning rehearsal... but it seems the Bloggy-Monster devoured it!


    ♥ LS ♥

    p.s. Adored what Marianne wrote on your last post!!!!!

  2. What a lovely place to live. Love the houses nestled in the rocks and the sail boats. Reminds me of Newport Beach in SO CAL.. and yes that does look like a pot bellied pig. Good shot.

  3. What a fun animal wednesday. The tour through the upper crust was lovely, other worldly to me. Not only the size of mansions but the beautiful coast line that I only see while on vacation. The horses are so handsome. That cow is called a Belty. Someone around here used to have them. I stopped and took pictures of them too. They are unusual looking. Happy AW.

  4. Wow, some awesome houses around there.
    So, we will be seeing horses soon? They are beauties.


  5. I love that cow - my first thought was "what a big pig".

    and yes, the dappled sunlight calls out to be painted, maybe along with that "shack" on the cliff - wow!!!

  6. Lovely pics Laurel - I think I could live there too! I especially love the first of the kites pics - terrific shot!

  7. What stunning views over there!!!!
    At least you see beauty on your long commutes.
    The detour was worth the drive as well.
    Lovely pictures of the horses!
    Hope you will have time soon to use all that inspiration ;)

    Have a good day

  8. There is a bull that lives not far from where my mom is (that read very strangely), that is just like that one! I named him Oreo. Lovely pics - what a beautiful corner of the planet! xox Pam

  9. that is a gorgeous road. i have been there many years ago. love those kite photos esp. glad you are surrounded by beauty.

  10. What a beautiful road to drive through, so many sites...just lovely. The horses, made some beautiful photos, I like the dappled sunlight as well. Love the cow, too funny!

  11. Another beautiful set, Laurel. I especially enjoyed the last photograph of the cow ... that scene reminds me of Aelbert Cuyp, the 17th century dutch painter whose landscape paintings are well worth a look.

  12. oh lo this is all so pretty, like a postcard, each photo! it must be so hard not to be distracted by all this beauty surrounding you. does it make you late for work??

  13. What a beautiful place.
    I love the kites!
    They are incredible.
    I thought you drew those lines.

    Those are gorgeous horses.
    I bet they smelled great!
    I adore the smell of horses.
    Have a great weekend.
    Is cow that looks like a pig, a POW?

  14. OMIGOSH, I'd never get TO work with all that to look at along the way. I'm sure I'd have spent the day with those awesome horses.
    Oh, and maybe sneaked in and stabled myself for a night in one of those shabby homes, ha!
    GREAT photos, Lo!

  15. Oh what a fun day! I love those kites! Glad you got out to have some fun.

  16. Gosh you live in a beautiful place...being near the sea must feel wonderful...:)

  17. Gosh you live in a beautiful place...being near the sea must feel wonderful...:)

  18. I love horses. I think of them as big dogs.