Monday, September 05, 2011

It's All Good

I thought I'd show you a part of my commute just so you know I'm still kicking.
I have always wondered how you working folks find the time to blog and still get other things done after a full week. I'm relearning, I swear. Thanks for understanding why I've been scarce.

This is the Mt. Hope bridge which I have to cross on my way to and from the market.
It's one of my favorite parts of the commute because the views from either side at the top are glorious!

This is Memorial Drive in Newport, the last road I'm on before I turn onto Bellevue where the market is. At the end of the day I come down that hill and Easton's Beach presents itself to me.  There are always swimmers and surfers and sunbathers galore.
I guess it becomes a ghost town after this weekend. That means I'll be able to find parking so I can do some exploring on my own!  This is one beautiful city.

And here is the beach in the golden afternoon sun. I didn't take this photo nor the one above because, as I've said there's been nowhere to park! So thank you to whoever took these shots. 

When Robin visits we'll paint the town! Until then I'm enjoying my job so far and the folks I work with are fantastic and welcoming.
It's all good!
I'll be popping in as I can. I miss you all!



  1. You have been so missed....not just by me - but everyone! What a gorgeous commute....can't wait to see it for real - and oh, yes, we WILL paint the town!!!!

    Miss you tons....but will see you soon!

    Love to all,

    ♥ LS ♥

  2. You do have a nice commute. I am so glad all is working out for you. I do miss your posts. I can believe you have to work your way into doing anything but the necessaries right now. I don't get much done and I only work 2 days per week.

  3. Hi Lo! Wow, that is a lovely little commute you have going there! And I am so happy that the job is working out. Life seems to be humming along nicely, eh? And Miss Robin is to visit?
    Call me if you need bail money. ;) Xo

  4. such a pretty commute helps take the pain out of going to work! it looks so beautiful there!

    i know for me it is just a matter of budgeting time, you'll be great at it in no time lo!

    lucky robin!

  5. Well if you have to commute at least its a lovely one. How did you fare with Irene? I didnt hear how it affected you there. Thanks so much for the info on the soft cone collar for Annie. I will look for one tomorrow. She hates that big plastic thing. xoxo

  6. It is hard to work and get all the other stuff done! I keep thinking that when I retire I will have so much time to do all the things I want to get done. Love your commute and happy that you have a job, although they do cut into your real life.

  7. i commented and now poof!

    so i'll be brief:

    happy for you
    good for you
    a most beautiful ride
    a most beautiful city
    i love you truly :^)

  8. So happy to hear from you! Thanks for taking us along on your commute - it's a lovely trip! Take care. xx

  9. Hello dear Lolo!
    The "Lolo" card ia all ready and is displayed in fb! Hope you like it!

    It's great to see the places where you currently commuting, blessed with cool sunshine and beautiful landscape and greens!

    Yeah, they are as glorious as your discription Lolo!

  10. Oh what glorious views you have on your way to work!
    Working 6 days and finding time to blog and other things is difficult .
    You just have less time to divide....:(
    But I always get more done when I am working than when I am off for a long period.
    But 6 days is a lot dear! I am happy you have nice colleagues and that you are appreciated.
    Once you get into the routine of a working girl. Things will be easier........
    But eh I think it is an achievement! Finding work these days is a miracle and you did it!!!

  11. What a lovely drive and the shots of the city and water...WOW! Inspirational to say the least.
    Congrats on the job, and letting us *see* where you go~~~here is hoping you have time to now explore the area and find more beautiful vistas.
    Because that is what life should be~~a beautiful vista, always, no matter what you do! :-)


  12. That beautiful ride makes the job even more desirable!! I'm happy you are happy.

  13. Lovely beach and town. So happy you like your new job and your drive there.xoxo

  14. I'm glad it's all coming together for you Lo. This is certainly a beautiful drive and would definetly make my day.

  15. I love this documentation, Laurel.

  16. It's all good,,,yeah,,,and gorgeous.
    I especially loved that last photo,,golden beach!
    Hang in there,,,,you're getting the knack of this thing,,,,,see, here you are!
    PS: While driving, try to look at the road now and then, okay?

  17. it looks lovely and I have been thinking of you...lots

  18. Newport--I was there once many years ago and it is a lovely place. I do have a friend who lives there too. Glad you see beauty on your commute. Be wlel, Suki

  19. What a super trip to your's stunning! Glad everything is going well...I've been thinking of you lots and it's good to hear from you. xx

  20. Spectacular must set your spirit a soaring...both coming and going...:)

  21. Splendid sights in the NE! I was just in MD and enjoyed the balmy weather. Happy to have left when the rains came back. Enjoying sunny Seattle :)

  22. Yeah, working cuts into time for all he fun stuff to be sure!

  23. Beautiful pics Lo ...on such a sad day I visit your blog and find those pics so peaceful...
    Were glad you are having fun at work,and understand your busy although we miss your posts we think of you ;))

  24. what a beautiful commute it is too. was wondering how you are getting on, am so glad all is well, you GO GIRL!!

  25. Niiice, Laurel. You have inspiration going to and returning from work. If you have to work, you can't beat the views. Now I need to read more and see what I missed about the new job.