Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Animal Wednesday: What Emma Has To Say...

Sweet little yippity-yappity Emma HATES my new schedule!
It takes me away from her and her "normal routine" even though daddy does a fine job of keeping her feeding and walking schedule.
BUT it's not mom.

I get it!

I'm all thrown off kilter too.

I have been self-employed for the past twenty years. If I needed a break, I took one (or two!)
I'm not working very long shifts...six hours with an hour commute each way.
I love the people I work with and quite honestly I don't mind the work.
The customers are mostly wonderful.
The food is great.
But my body is wondering WHAT is up!
Today I asked that my break be closer than they were scheduling it so my blood sugar wouldn't crash. When it does, it's hard to recover. I'm a zombie.
I eat very little but I eat every three hours to maintain my brain.

Guess what? They said no problem!

So I ask you, what is Emma yapping about???

Oh yeah, she's a mommy's girl and she misses me. 

AND I miss all of you!! I swear I'm trying to visit, I really am.

Ah, life adjustments. It's all good. ♥


  1. First off Congrats on the job. Second off... you will get adjusted in time and even tho we do miss you we do understand. Just dont forget us. :)) oh and Annie is scheduled for her leg Surgery Sept 2nd, with a new vet we found by word of mouth & is wonderful. The Big Vet office in town wasnt helping us at all.I am just hoping all will be well.

  2. So good to hear from you. I just sent you an email and up popped this post to answer most of my questions. It is difficult to adjust to someone elses idea of a routine. Ha... Best of luck. I know you can do it. I hate that you have a long commute. That is no doubt the worst part of the job.

  3. Emma certainly is articulate. I love the angle of the sketch and the relative positions of Emma and her speech balloon. Your new workplace and colleagues sound great. But I know what you mean about the physical adjustment. Take care!

  4. Oh my goodness, poor doggie adjustments. What a transistion for both of you to get used to. I am happy you are so happy at the new work place. And great they will let you nibble when you NEED to nibble. I sure understand about low blood sugar. A pocket full of almonds sometimes gets me through a day.

    Not to worry about not's understandable. But when you can it's most welcomed. ;-) Hugs from me.

  5. It's great that you're managing to work and create a sweet piece of art and post it!! It's amazing how much stuff one can fit into a day isn't it!! Look after yourself though! xxxx

  6. Emma is missing mommy BAD.
    And I think she is expressing it QUITE WELL...... ;-D
    So glad things are going well at work, and that the staff is open to your needs to keep the blood sugar level. Sounds like you found the *right* place.
    And Emma?
    Weeeeellllll, tell her she's still queen and if she's good, she'll get a greeeeeeeen beeeeeeeeean!!!!


  7. Such an articulate drawing of little Emma, who must miss you so much. But she will get used to your new schedule.

    I'm so happy for you! So glad your job is going well. I understand the need to eat every three hours, since I do the same. Can't exist well without doing that!

    Remember to take good care of yourself, as well as hubby and dog! xx

  8. You sound so happy Lolo. It was a good life move for you. And Emma will adjust. I bet she goes crazy when you come home.
    Adorable sketch.


  9. Dear BS,
    This week, in particular, will be the toughest... but you are already adored at work - and hey - when you receive that first paycheck - you will feel even better!

    Emma WILL her Mum..... the walks you take together will become so special -

    As we have discussed, LIFE moves on - and it changes... but, we will move forward with it.

    And....those "Greeeeeen Beeeeen" moments will be so wonderful!
    (I can't wait to witness them in person!)

    I love this "Brown Paper Bag" Emma!!!!

    I am so proud of you!!!!!!

    Love to all,

    ♥ LS ♥

  10. oh dear it's hard, new jobs, schedule changes...
    i love your drawing lo, it's so darn cute, i'm glad your finding time to do some of the things you love.

    be gentle with yourself,
    xxx lori

    p.s. it'll be okay emma :)

  11. I agree, both you and Emma will ajust. think of all the doggies who dont have anyone at all at home whilst their dear ones work.

    yes, as Lynn suggests possibly a few nuts or something to nibble. I too get that low blood sugar slump. Hopefully you eat a good breakfast right??

    I admire what you are doing. be well, suki

  12. First of all, congrats on your new position! And I'm delighted you like it. I'm inspired by you asking for what you want and hearing how you are adjusting.

    Way to go! We can all learn from each other....

  13. I keep trail mix and the like available for those blood sugar dips. Only way I could make it through the day.

  14. Now you know whey I get up so early in the morning - so I can visit my friends!
    You'll get better at the schedule, and from one who knows - it helps to start the day with protein (cottage cheese and the like) with a bit of fruit - the combo lasts longer than normal, and minimal Blood sugar drop. Good luck Lo - it's all good.

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  16. Hang in there. We know it's tough and we aren't going anywhere.

    Please be careful this weekend with Irene coming. I hope you have somewhere to go.

  17. Lovely drawing of our little sweetheart.
    Bet it is hard for both of you but I am happy you like your job. Lots of people work and don't like what they are doing, so consider yourself blessed and i am happy they value you! Because they should!
    I know you will adjust, you are like a tree dear. I hope emma will do the same soon. Poor baby.... but I know your DH is the best daddy she can ask for .
    Well dear enjoy your work and of course we all miss you but once you get a routine things will be easier, til then focus on things that need attention.
    The same here....... I guess in autumn I will have more time again to blog.


  18. I hope you and Emma continue to adjust! I love the little drawing!

  19. I'm Stopping in from the road again.

    I am so happy for you. I've worked away from home and had dogs all my adult life and I know emma will adjust, not to mention the love and support from Brian

    as we say, it's all good :-)

  20. So glad it's going well, what a huge change for you, but what fun to be out there in the working world again. awwww Emma, your mama still wuvs you!

  21. Oh, poor Emma. I'm so sorry she's unhappy. It's tough being a working mom.

  22. Thinking of you and hoping you will be safe and no harm will come from this Irene to you.
    Last comment before I go to sleep.
    Worked hard all day. Ready for tomorrow.......


  23. Congrats on the job, but yes, jobs interfere with life, don't they! I am so exhausted sometimes that I can't even think about getting on computer in the evening because that's what I do all day. I just want to veg AWAY from the computer. But I miss all of you blogger friends if I stay away too long! Love the little drawing of Emma! My babies go crazy when I get home - it's nice to be so loved.

  24. Hi Laurel - just popping in cuz I've been away from blogging for most of the summer. Sounds like you're super busy these days and happily productive, always a good thing :>

    Take good care, xo

  25. Knock knock
    who's there?
    Damn straight
    damn straight who
    damn straight I'm tired!


  26. Haha, I meant you, not me!
    You deserve to be tired, I just am :-)


  27. I cannot stop laughing...Emma's illo is a stitch! Glad you are a happy tired! :)