Sunday, August 14, 2011

To Market, to market...

No, not to buy a fat pig, but to show up for work here!

For the first time in fifteen years I will be showing up for a regular job rather than being self-employed. And for the first time in two years I will have a much needed income. 

The quote above says so much. I have, for the past two years, not taken very good care of myself. It shows physically in my weight and it has worn me down emotionally. That is so opposite of how I usually treat my body.
So now I have another chance to get it right.
I feel so lucky to have landed a job in spite of feeling like an invisible, heavy, middle-aged woman.
I'm so grateful for the man who saw through to the real me.
I'm not a number on a scale.
I'm not invisible.
And now, finally, I am employed. 
Wish me luck!



    I'm so glad for you! The jobs are so few with so many applicants. (as I'm sure you know)
    I'm so glad, and most fortunate, to not be hitting the bricks.
    One of The Sisters lost her good job of many years with a large doctor's practice that shut down. Took her almost 2 years to find something,,,(anything!). After working 3 months she had to have cancer surgery, so is now unemployed again.Sigh,,it's even harder when a lady is of a *certain* age.
    I am SO glad the man saw through to the real you,,,and I'm sure he will be rewarded with a great employee.
    Looks like a perfectly healthy place to be. I'm celebrating with you!!!

  2. You don't say what the job is- are you going to be nursing sick doggies like you did before? I for one am thrilled for you- a new door opening up right now. May it lead to many more wonderful opportunities. YOU deserve this chance! Senidng you lotsa good luck and wfs from me! xxx

  3. A new chapter...I would consider myself fortunate to work with you! I remember 10 years ago when I moved here with Mike, having worked all my adult life. I took 6 months off and sucked unemployment for the first time ever and Mike kept asking if I was bored...Far from it. But we needed two incomes and I went job hunting. Sent out maybe 120 resumes in a 50 mile radius and told myself I would interview with whoever called me, just so I would know where I didn't want to work, lol.

    Well, at 57 years old, I wasn't sure if I would run into age discrimination, or if all I would get offered is management positions or if they would say I had too much experience....etc etc. (for your followers who don't know me, am a vet tech).

    It was a great feeling to know everyone who interviewed me wanted to hire me and I think I made the right choice of where I picked to work and will have been there 10 years in April 2012.

    I wish you good fortune in your new job and the road to wellness in mind, body and spirit as well...

  4. ah dear lo,
    that may be how you've felt, but it is most certainly not how you look. i saw the beauty in your face and the sparkle in your eyes (wearing that headband).

    i am rooting for you all the way, i love the new market and being surrounded by healthy organic goodness is great for the body and psyche.

    here's to new beginnings and second chances.
    love to you,

  5. and i forgot to say good luck!!

  6. Hip hip hooray. This should get you out of your funk. I bet we start seeing and hearing about all sorts of goodies. Take care and best of luck. I love your new header picture.

  7. so glad this has happened for you. yes, it is soul enriching to feel visible and to be taken seriously. Good luck as you embark on your new life.

  8. Bless you, dear Lolo (I know, it's Laurel, but I always think of you as Lolo). :)

    Sending you many good wishes - this looks like a lovely place to work (reminds me of Ca's Trader Joe's a bit) and they are so lucky to have you! Best of everything to you. xoxo

  9. Such good news Lolo. Your happiness is showing through loud and clear. What kind of job is it?
    I am so so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. "an invisible, heavy, middle-aged woman"


    invisible? i don't see your point (hahaha)

    heavy? what a weighty statement and so what? (heehee)

    middle aged? i thought middle aged was forty (hohohahee)

    ms. lolo, you are embarking on a new adventure. it will embiggen your already rich life...

    :^) love kj

  11. As a 55 year old woman, who just went back to work after almost 2 years off, I know exactly what you are talking about here!!! I am so happy for you! Now, spiffy up and get out there and knock em dead!!! :)
    Have a ton of fun!!!

  12. Well, that's wonderful news Laurel! Just what the doctor ordered! Hope you have lots of fun in your new life, but try to make time for art still!xxx

  13. I am glad that you are getting on your feet! Nice quote and very true...I have been in a similar situation and decided to get out while I still had my I am looking at striking up my own business again...not sure how it will go...but we'll see!!! I wish you nothing but success and know how draining things can be at times...chin up!

  14. YAY Lo!!! Congratulations! And for the record, I think you are gorgeous. So get out there and knock 'em dead. You've got it all: looks, brains and heart. Go team!!! xox

  15. Well I think he saw what a beautiful ,good hearted Woman you are,and from now on STOP calling yourself names!!!!!
    To have a Job is good for You,MUWAH as R.says and a BWO from my brown buddy,

  16. This will be good for your self esteem and younwill love it I hope. Thinking of you all day!

    I think your self perception is off but those are your feelings and I'm not going to minimize your feelings. But remember that your friends love you and love the special person you are.

    Good luck today!

  17. Oh! I am so happy for you! I know exactly how you've been feeling. Like once I passed the 55 year old mark I became invisible to the world and certainly to employers. How exciting. I do wish you well and you've encouraged me to keep looking.

  18. You got the job!!!! I am so excited for you! I hope you get a discount on all those good fresh veggies you'll be selling! ;-)
    You've never been invisable to me...Your art sings...and I hope you will make the time around the day job to do more of it.
    I thought of you this weekend when we saw a big crow and I took his photo!

  19. I echo Lynn. Congrats on the job!!!! And on second chances, we all can use them. I LOVE the new header!!! Have a fun work week.

  20. Congratulations!!! You lucky thing...I've wanted to work in a green grocer's all my life. And then I almost opened my own, but health got in the way. So enjoy the sight of fresh veggies and fruit every day for me, inspiring is that!!

    I think you are a beautiful lady, inside and out...I know so many agree with this statement. You're one of the most loving, generous people I know and I'm so glad for you! xx

  21. Hey there...Invisible??? You have been the most invigorating VISIBLE Muse for my spirits...artistic and otherwise...EVER!!!

    OOOh Yes! Congrats on the job...Reminds me of a Sprouts store in the southwest...filled with yummilicious fruits and veggies awaiting your artistic beckon call. Enjoy!

  22. Luck!

    And what a cool place to work.

  23. Sounds like a good place to work! I myself have applied to our local Briar Patch Market (health food), but there is an underground rumor that they prefer much younger employees, even if you've worked there before. Sigh. Lucky you...your job sounds like a good fit, and a good place to 'regroup' of luck!

    Thanks for voting for me...and I voted for your Little Red Riding Hood too! :-)

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