Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Emma wanna greeeeen beeeean?

Okay, I still don't have a handle on using my video thingy on my camera, otherwise I wouldn't have scanned the greasy frying pan while trying to follow my dog!
That said, Emma loves green beans. I mean L-O-V-E-S!
So, I had just gotten off the phone with Auntie Robin after telling her how much Emma adored beans.
The proof is right here!
Please ignore my high-pitched teasing voice. I was just hoping for her cute head tilt (which I got!)

The new job is going well. Two days under my belt and I'm still alive!
Happy Animal Wednesday my friends!
Lo and Emma♥


  1. OMG! Could you and Emma hear my laughter across the bog-o-sphere?

    Well, you should - cos I was cracking up! *SH* is too adorable....that head-tilt....just as you described it....and hey - how many doggies like Green Beans!!!!

    Congratulations on two days of working....and are one AWESOME BS!!!!!!!!

    MUWAH to all.....


    ♥ LS ♥

  2. Emma is so cute. Her head tilted just makes the video. Luna doesn't like veggies too much. Not unless they are cooked with bacon. Ha... HAW. I hope the job continues to go well. I don't know what I would do if I had to be on my feet all day. UGH.. I hope you got a sit down job.

  3. omg----TOO CUTE!!!
    Emma totally RULES, but then I think she knows that... ;-D
    Glad things are going well with the new job. I think your best fan is there waiting for that geeeeeeeen beeeeeeeean!!!!


  4. HYSTERICAL!! love it - you are too funny!!!

  5. WAAAA! there is no video on my screen, just a very cute picture of emma. but it's easy to take your word for it that this is and she is adorable. i had cat (frodo) who loved green beans. they were all over our house :^)

    congrats on being a working girl. pretty nifty pp


  6. hee hee he!! greeeeeen beeeeean! you and her are so cute! did she get her bean?

  7. What a sweetie! Glad the job is shaping up well!xx

  8. She is so cute! I had a lab that ate green tomatoes. Maybe she is a distant cousin. ;) Congrats on the job!! Yay!! xo Pam

  9. I loved hearing your voice! Love that Emma, my cats love string beans too, but they play with them before they eat them :-). xoxo

  10. Haha,You should have seen Beaudor's face,beans and Emma where???
    So glad for You,You love your job,very proud of You,muwah!!
    xxx Mar and ABWO for you and Emma from Mr.B

  11. Ahhhh Emma!!!!!! So cute tilting her head!
    Green beans are healthy....
    Have to show Felix this one he will love it!


  12. Emma is so cute! I can see that you have her undivided attention here.
    My cats love frozen peas! Just like kids, they all have their favorite vegetables, don't they?
    I still don't know how to make a video and post it.

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