Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heron Dreams

I figured I had better post something, anything so you all know I'm still here!
Summer has been busy. Family visiting, job hunting, etc.

This is an old collage I did for notecards. My mother was from New Brunswick and the locals were referred to as herons. I think of her every time I see this collage.
This is for Robin, too, who recently posted about the one she encountered.

Tomorrow I see KJ, Mim and Suki !!
More later...miss you all!♥


  1. Splendid composition! I saw a lot of herons on my vacation last week with my family. They always remind me to have grace in my life. I like the tidbit about the folks of Brunswick, I'm left wondering why?

    Happy to see you posting :)

  2. hahaha I thoughtt when I don't see anything from you I have to start wow the cosmos heard my call.
    Beautiful collage! Meaningful to you and Robin who has a white heron in her mandala. Herons are beautiful.
    Hope all your efforts will be successful in the end dear.

    Love from Paramaribo!

  3. Simple elegance...this is lovely! :)

  4. Lovely indeed. how fun to be meeting up with the Three. Lots of fun will be had with stories to tell. Hope that job pans out.

  5. You know how I love those Herons!!!! This is lovely!

    Have fun with the *Girls* tomorrow!!


    ♥ LS ♥

  6. Good to see you Lolo. Love the collage. Have a good weekend.

  7. There you are!

    Gorgeous collage,,,,the heron is so stately, in all his beautiful blues.
    Meeting up with the girls,,how fun for you all!

    Oh, and I didn't know,,,,,I guess I am the last (but not least, I hope) to say Happy Happy Birthday!

  8. Nice to have you back. The heron collage is lovely!

  9. What a lovely collage:) Seems you've been having a really busy summer - have a great day out with the girls!x

  10. Beautiful lo! I love herons too and we are lucky to see them here all the time. I get nervous though when I see one on the 'wrong' side of the freeway!

  11. only TWO cupcakes made it home.....gee, I wonder what happened to the other one

  12. I've been watching the herons every day as I walk. I love those birds.

  13. This is wonderful; full of atmosphere and wonderfully serene (doesn't sound like your summer's been that though!).

  14. This is really lovely, Laurel! Unusually 'painterly' for a collage. Could that be because you have a painter's hand and eyes...? :-)