Saturday, July 09, 2011

Saturday Snippet 10

This photo was taken on Cape Cod, Brewster, Mass.
It was a perfect, slow drive home from Provincetown.
I popped the butterfly in to break up all that green. Buddha approved ;)
Happy weekend, my friends!


  1. it's very calming. i envy your slow drive back home. (mine is a terrifiying trek through los angeles!) i will keep your buddha in mind next time! thank you.

    happy weekend to you too lo!
    xxoo :)

  2. it is very calming and I like what the butterfly does to the overall image.

    I'm in Florida with mom and scruffy - HOTTTTT but fun. have a good one you

  3. Love the photo and the blue butterfly~~I always use them to represent a soul rising.
    Yes, I think Buddha would most definitely approve!


  4. the butterfly is perfect, lo. it flies right in.

    i love that we share a love of the cape. we are so lucky and it is so beautiful, from one end to the other. i love driving through brewster on route 6A: i don't mind taking two hours instead of the one hour highway way

    i like this card and this message: kind of like, there you are where ever you are!


  5. Butterflies are always a wonderful addition.

  6. Buddah looks quite content sitting in that flower bed.

  7. love the buddha. and also that same 6a drive. Now, when I come down from NH to the cape, I immediately switch from the highway to 6a, I love it so. the "old" Cape.

  8. Lovely, serene....soothing..I would want to drive that route and stop too! And the Blue Butterfly - PEREFCT!!!!!


    ♥ LS ♥

  9. It is indeed a beautiful drive, thank you for this wonderful photo that you've shared! It's lovely!

  10. Wonderful card and quote dear!
    Today I have little on my agenda, but I decided to tidy the shed....... Something which has been on my list for a while........

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Sunday. The sun is up and shining here It is lovely weather. Hope the humidity is less now where you are.....