Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Heeeeere's Short-T!! and some ravens...

Meet Short-T, my favorite squirrel! She has a short tail (hence the name) and a white puff on the end of it! Even if you dislike squirrels, don't you think she's rather cute?

Hold on, I have an itch....aaaaah, ooooh. Better!

I think her tail is short because she's been caught before. I mean, she's not the smartest squirrel in some ways. Emma nearly caught her the other day because she came down the tree and walked right up to her! Emma was nearly out of her mind!
In other ways I think she may be VERY smart because she's been around for a long time. She's just a risk-taker I guess. I just adore her!

Do you spot my friends in the afternoon light?

It's a family of four, and let me tell you the juveniles have the most annoying squawk!!
Worse than teenagers who are whiney and use up-speak!

But what beauties, Look at that purple sheen!
Visiting with Short-T and the ravens while sipping a nice Sauvignon Blanc in my own back yard. My little piece of heaven.
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. She's cute! I probably would have called her Spot! We have very tame squirrels here, too. I can practically walk right up to them while trying to shoo them away from the bird feeder. They simply don't mind me.
    We have crows here at my house. In the late afternoon I can hear them cawing at each other. You have a shady view. Nice.

  2. Love that white puff! With the pure white, do you think it is a genetic thing with the tail length? At any rate, she seems to be a very comfortable squirrel in front of the camera.
    The ravens are wonderful, and even more so, all the trees because I am thinking SHADE....... :-)

    Anne....with her own white puff topknot

  3. It sounds so serene, well if the squacking was not going on. Enjoy!

  4. I was waiting for these shots after we spoke yesterday! Short-T is adorable! That little cotton-fluff tail is sweet! (And so is her face!) I KNOW Emma must have gone "insane" when they almost *met*! A-ha-ha! (But thank goodness you saved Short-T!!!)

    The Raven Family are gorgeous...
    I have heard those particulalrly "shrieky-teen-Raven-voices" before...they always make me smile....

    HAW dear BS!


    ♥ LS ♥

  5. I love Short-T! I have a favorite chipmunk (I know I am supposed to hate them, but I don't). His name is Red Butt (RB for short), because well, he has a red butt. haha. I love the ravens. We are fortunate to have them here, too. A lovely slice of heaven, Lo! xox Pam

  6. Oh Sauvignon blanc........ Wait......I come over and have a wine with you!
    Wish it was that easy ;)
    Nice pictures Lo and I can picture it all in my mind.
    I took a slow day. Played tennis. Took a nap and now I am doing some things on the internet.
    Germain is preparing spagetti.

    Happy Animal Wednesday
    Hug for the squirrel huntress ♥
    Love that squirrel
    Wonderful raven family you have there.
    You just enjoy that wine dear.


  7. All your photos are beautiful,,,your backgrounds looking much like the ones here. Except ours is no longer as green, the grass is browning and crunchy.
    Short-T is very cute,,and your family of ravens very regal looking. That last photo would be excellent to paint!

  8. i have always liked squirrels, possibly because so many people seem to not like them. she is sweet, i love it that you can identify here and have given her a name.

    your glass of wine in the back yard sounds delightful.

  9. I think Short-T is related to my Stubby, but Stubby's tail should be white like that and she would look like a bunny. Doesn't it make you wonder what is going on in the world with all these aberrations in squirrels?

    up, we have those ravens squawking around also. Boy sometimes I think there is a war out there.


  10. What fun to be able to tell which squirrel is in your garden. The family group is also way cool. Happy AW. BTW pass the vino.

  11. That is amazing that it has a white puff on the end of its tail as they dont have any white usually on their taisl. Love the crows in the trees. I love seeing the crows and the squirrels in my yard. maybe not 12, like we can get, of the gray things but a couple is nice to have. :))HAW

  12. How can anyone not like squirrels? Short-T is a doll. Thanks for the raven hit. xoxo

  13. you are blessed to have such a back yard and to befriend one squirrel and four squawkies.

    word has it they all feel the same way about you.


  14. I'm not a squirrel fan but Short-T is very cute and probably rather bright for a squirrel. She probably feels safe around your house, despite the terrible Emma.

    I never think of crow families - I'd better pay more attention!

  15. What a beautiful haven you all your little friends. That white puff on Short-T's tail is a precious as can be. Relax and sip another glass of wine for me...:)

  16. Lovely, calm and serene back yard, Lo, especially with your feathered friends and Short-T to keep you company!

    I haven't been able to sit outside for a long time...if it isn't raining, it is the mosquitoes that chase me inside, so it was nice to see your mosquito-less sanctuary! xx