Friday, July 22, 2011

Animal Eyes

Equal time for animals!
Here are the eyes from some of the paintings and illustrations I've done.
Can you guess what they are?

Trying to stay cool here today. Whew!!!


  1. I love those eyes! You do them so well, Lo. It's great to see them up close like these. We are going to swelter today as well. I am hoping the a/c holds, cuz it's gonna be ugly around here if the power goes out -lol! Stay cool! xox Pam

  2. Animal Eyes are EVEN MORE soulful mirrors...because we do not speak their this is how they communicte to us most clearly.

    All of these gorgeous animals have equally gorgeous eyes! And...all done in that UNMISTAKEABLE Lolo Style!

    Sending you cooling breezes... the fog has rooled in and out and in again in the past 30 minutes.... trying to blow some to you and all our friends in the Midwest, NE and SE.....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Mirrors into the soul. I recognize some of these :)

    Happy Friday to ya! hugs.

  4. Love all these eyes. I do recognize most of them, I also love your eyes posted on the side.

  5. Okay Lo, going out on a limb here:
    1. cat
    2. cat
    3. baby chimp
    4. mature chimp/gorilla
    5. dog
    6. owl
    7. bull dog
    8. cat
    9. wolf or coyote
    10. tiger...could be lion

    Am I anywhere close??? :-D
    In from standing in a brief shower! It was WONDERFUL!!!


  6. Wow, you are really an eye expert. I think I named them all correctly.
    Wonderful post Lolo.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I think Anne is right. Great eyes.

  8. I thought about your animal eyes when I saw your eyes yesterday! I thought eyes have it yes, but you are the best in capturing the soul in eyes!!!!
    Also the ostrich came in mind.
    And I know what I admire most in your work are indeed the eyes.
    I recognize all eyes and know the painting they belong to , but not that first one.......I can't picture the whole things. I think it is a cat, but not one I think I know.

    Well dear great post again!!!!

    Have a wonderful day

  9. Such a lovely post - I love to see all those pretty eyes!

  10. I love these! The gorilla in particular ... soulful and full of longing.

  11. clever idea to do the animals. y'day was wicked. i bought a small AC and son set it up but it only cooled for about 5 feet of the room. Still, that's where I sat.

  12. You're not foolin' me,Lo,,,,,
    That gorilla is real!
    Why, I can even smell the banana breath from here!

    Awesome art,all these eyes!

  13. pinky!

    this is one of the nicest parts of my life: that i have a friend who can paint souls like this.

    i LOVE seeing all these and i love knowing that i already know them.

    good work, pp.

    love love

  14. omigoodness. Let's see how many I can i.d. I promise. I didn't peek at anyone else's answers.

    1. Cat
    2. Owl
    3. Chimp
    4. Gorilla
    6. Another owl
    7. Bulldog
    8. Another cat
    9. Wolf


    10. Lion

  15. Love all the eyes of this post and last. And yes, I'm pretty sure I can tell what each of the animals are!

  16. What expressive and touching!

  17. I think I got them all...but was too lazy to write them down....

    You have a way with if you could teach me NOSES - I'll be your best friend

  18. Great post. Great eyes. Great fun!

  19. this was so much fun to try to identify! i think i remember all these paintings too.

    gorgeous eyes lo, you should teach classses on how to do this so brilliantly!

  20. The eyes are so beautiful! The colors are so intense and gorgeous, I especially love the green cat eyes on top.

  21. Your eyes have so much expression, both animal and human. The first set of eyes look just like my Maine Coon Cat, Rascal's.

  22. Very expressive. Amazing how you can almost identify every creature from just your sample of eyes. Nice job!! W.C.C.

  23. Ooh - I recognise lots of these - isn't it amazing that we can tell what they are just from the eyes! You clever girl!x

  24. This is so fun! These are beautiful pictures. Fantastic! I think you'd really be interested in this! Endangered Artists

  25. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  26. I love these beautiful eyes...could stare at them for hours! These could make superb cards just on their own. I've been drawing eyes for years. It's the window to the soul, animal or