Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Portrait of a Queen

I'm not sure I've ever posted this before. This is a portrait of my dog, Emma.
I love painting on heavy patterned paper and then detailing it with colored pencils.
Is she not the cutest thing? If only she behaved better.
We're always working on that ;)

Happy Animal Wednesday!
I'm on my way upstairs to have a little siesta with her.


  1. she sure looks very sweet. hope you both had a peaceful siesta

  2. OMG....she IS a Queen!!!! She is every inch - a Queen! And in a few months, I will meet her highness!!!

    BEAUTIFUL PICTURE of a MONARCH - as she surely co-reigns (with Princess Bliss) over the Gaylord Kingdom!



    ♥ LS ♥

  3. Emma is the Queen.
    She knows it.
    Treat her accordingly..... ;-D
    Love the piece Lolo; it is darling! (like Emma!)

    XXOO~~ in Funk-Ville....phooey! >:-\

  4. Queen Emma doesn't have a problem. She is just acting Queenly. What a beautiful lady too. HAW.

  5. She looks lovely and you've done a lovely soft portrait. Nice!

  6. She is cute and regal looking here. I bet she thinks her behavior is just fine thank you.
    and the art work is terrific as usual. I do love your style.

  7. Aaaaw,
    she's an adorable queen.And she looks very well beahved in the painting. Regal too.
    You do some awesome work on these animal paintings,,,,but then what DON'T you do awesome work on!
    When I enlarge, it gives a feeling of soft pastel work. I like that a lot.

  8. um,,, uh,,,,that would be

  9. emma, you look like a regal angel. little does the world know you have a proclivity for toes... :^)

    note to universe at large: this artist paints animals with unique ability and grace...

  10. Beautiful portrait of Emma! xoxo

  11. Aw, she sure does look like a queen. What a beautiful painting Lo.


  12. What a swet painting of Emma. I love how you do this on patterned paper. I will have to try it sometime. Thanks also for the hint of colored pencil on acrylic paint. I will try that some time too. Its fun experimenting.

  13. i wonder if she and owen have been talking to each other? :)

    she is a precious little thing lo, i can tell from your precious painting. i love the color and the banner proclaiming her name. so sweet!

  14. This is nice, Lolo. I've never tried painting on patterned paper before. I'm not sure how I would do at that. Maybe I'll give it a try.

  15. She's darling and regal. Some of us have to have a little "rebel" in us. ;)

  16. LOVE everything about this piece...precious as can be...outstanding calligraphy and flourishes too! :)

  17. That is just the perfect portrait of Miss Emma. Somehow it's especially nice on the patterned paper, just perfect for her little majesty

  18. Emma is adorable. I bet she is a lot of fun - she looks like she might just have a little bit of the devil in there. ;)) xox Pam

  19. Working on what?! She is perfect the way she is! You know we love her! Felix said Ahhhhhhhh that mouth.........
    I have seen this before but just like the real thing you can see it thousands of times :)
    A perfect rendering of the ultimate Emma.


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