Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Provincetown: Windows, doors and gardens

On one of my first morning walks I looked up and saw this face smiling back at me :)

The Cape is filled with charm~

Clap on!

Clap off!!  :)

~an artsy shade~

~wonderful pottery at a shop~

~a wine shop that changes its "open" sign to "nope" when it's closed!~

~an artsy door~

~a patriotic door~

and now for some garden shots...

~typical seaside house yard decor~

~in a restaurant garden~

~and KJ's garden~

~swans on the roof~

~and finally, a little kitty!"

Thanks for coming along again. I hope to go back in the Fall and take some seasonal shots.


  1. I love the photo of the pottery shop window...I would have to go in to that shop, since I collect pottery!

    What a lovely place this is. So lush and beautiful and full of art everywhere...so glad you enjoyed your time there!! xx

  2. what an interesting place to visit, a feast for the eyes. I love the bench in the green grass with big beautiful tree behind it. I claim that house! Plus I'd add the kitty to the yard and the swans to the roof. Who puts swans on their roof? I've never seen it before, but it's making perfect sense now that I've seen it!

  3. Love it!



    All great shots of a fascinating, fun feeling place.

  4. Dang....
    I think I want to move there. (not that I could afford it, but IN MY DREAMS! and don't burst my bubble)
    Beautiful shots~~what an interesting and visually amazing place to visit.
    Utterly jealous.
    Pout.... ;-)


  5. it looks just like i imagine, i love it all.

    nope is so funny!

    happy tuesday lo!

  6. to see my beloved town through your eyes: it is a treat so special i just keep looking and looking. you are a very very good photographer lo. you see so many special things in life.

    back to provincetown in the fall? why of course

    i have to go back and look at this post again. this could be a cause for multiple comments :^)

  7. Oh so many lovely photos here. What a Charmy Artsy town that is. I love seeing things thru others eyes you might miss what they see and you have such a good Artistc sense or eye. :))

  8. oops.. thats Charming.. not charmy.. lol

  9. i can't believe this place is in my life!!

    so many shots you and i both know: the mews, the lion, the little yard this time without the underwear drying on the line. but i have never seen that smily face window until you noticed it.

    it is my favorite place to walk in the early morning, not that you would know that since i was sleeping while you were walking!

    when are we doing this again? maybe i could arrange a book reading for you to come to?



  10. Heisann!

    So enjoyable ;:OD)
    Have nice days!

  11. Back in the fall?? Back in the fall!!

    Love the shots but love what your eye catches. Wonderful

  12. This is such a charming place. I love seeing the garden vignettes. This place is inspirational.

  13. oh what a lovely stroll. the nope sign--so clever. i esp liked the rooftop swan view. vicarious travel!

  14. You and Kj are going to be personally responsible for a population explosion in that lovely little beach community. :) I love any place where people show their 'quirky', art, and their love of nature. Beautiful pics, Lo! xoxo Pam

  15. I love *taking these walks* with you! Gorgeous photos, one and all....but oh, those Swans on the Roof truly made my heart sing!


    ♥ LS ♥

  16. Love all your photos again! It's so picturesque there. I like that "NOPE" sign. Around here they are either "OPEN" or "SHUT".

  17. Love, love, love, love, LOVE the swans on the roof...Thanks for yet another wonderful tour! Wheee!

  18. Great window shots. And I love those stone bowls.

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  20. What a lovely tour - looks like a fab place to live!!