Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Otterly Cool Dude

I pulled from my distant archives today because I needed a theme to cool me off.
"IT" has finally arrived.
"IT" is oppressive.
"IT" has no redeeming value.
"IT" is humidity!!!
So, let's all take a virtual dip in the Monterey Bay with this cool dude.

Happy Animal Wednesday to all of my cool (and hot) friends!


  1. This is a cool dude. HAW. Try to stay cool Lolo.

  2. Lolo, I left Mississippi in large part because I so hated the heat and humidity. 36 years there, and I just hated it more every eight month long summer.

  3. Snow, I honestly can't even imagine being in the Southeast in the summer. I spent a summer in Miami when I was 18. It didn't bother me even as I baked in the sun to get a tan. Now, forty years later I just have to have a little help from the A/C gods ;)

    My best to you, Peggy and Brewsky and your pup whose name escapes me. Blue?

  4. I'm ready to go jump in any puddle big enough for this body....UGH!
    Spent the day working outside and am darn near melted and dead. (however, I lost no FAT....)
    I'm with the cool dude.....
    At least if I was in NOLA, there would be something FUN to do in the humidity! ;-D


  5. It has been a tad warm ......should I post a picture of my backyard in the dead of winter? 4 feet of snow? Remember???

    Hope you are not melting too much and love mr otter

  6. This is really a cool dude. :)) Bummer about IT. We are getting out heat finally but lat least it isnt that humid. Love this guy.

  7. i have to agree with mim's comment. i'm happy with the high temps. when i don't have the ocean, i'll find a lake or a pool. and when i have to work, i thank my car for the ac!

    welcome home, new englander! keep cool, we can't be having withering pumpkins adrift...


    ps cool cool sunglasses

  8. Wonderful painting on was 104 today as I left my office at five p.m...............

  9. oh dear, we have IT too! intense heat and thunderheads over the mountains, so strange the weather. the one thing everyone agrees on is how HOT it is.
    CUTE otter!

  10. Love your otterly cool dude.
    His designer sunglasses, cool too!

    It's 102 right now, with a real-feel temp of 110. I'm not complaining though,,better this than freezing.

  11. so hip! I feel relaxed just looking at this dude :)

  12. ALL have me beat in the heat!!♥

  13. Hi dear!!
    Oh no did the humidity arrived?!!!!
    You stay cool just as this dude!
    Oh dear I feel sorry for you!
    Stay in the shade dear and jump in the water:)


  14. Love your cool other. I like how you painted his neck to look wetter than the rest of him. It's the little things like that which make your paintings so beautiful!

  15. Someone HAS to report from the "other side".....the "cool" side... fog morning, noon, night....winds gusting to 30 mph.. ah, "Summer" in San Francisco! If he "could" exist in SF, he would be doing his best to swim North, South or East... he IS, however, one "Cool Dude"... and gosh, I think I saw his "nephew", Sealy-D, at the Capitola inlet a few days ago..will tell you more when we chat!

    Love and "Chill", Baby!!!!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. "IT" will get better and otters are always a good thing :) Love the Erma Bombeck quote in your last post.

  17. Thanks I needed that...Ahhhh! The change from utter desert dryness to midwet humidity is doing me the fragile flower that I am...LOL...:)