Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday: The Welcome Wagon

There were a few goodies waiting for me when I arrived in Rhode island. It helped ease the transition of closing one door and opening another.

Dear, sweet Marianne did this small canvas of the sun, moon and sparkling stars. The outer edge of the mandala has seagulls in the sky.I hung it up right away where I get to admire it several times a day.

She also sent my "H" atc for hibiscus, which I love...

...and she surprised me with this cactus rose. Such a soft, beautiful painting.

Then she wrote a "Welcome Home" note of this Frida Kahlo card.

She really knows my heart.

Thank you, dear friend!

This card winged its way to me from a friend I left behind. She and I both love ravens/crows. All of the black writing is hers, playing off that game of "telephone" we've all played as a kid. The inside of the card says "We're not ready to accept your departure." I smiled for days at her humor!

(Click to read it. Pavels is a local bakery in Pacific Grove.)

The next piece of mail to put a smile on my face was Mr. Grouper, my "G" atc from none other that Mim. I just adore her drawings!

She wrote a sweet note on the dragonfly card by Lynn. Thank you Mim!

Speaking of Lynn, she sent my "I" atc card with none other that that hoochy-coochy Inspiring Ismerelda! She's one of my favorites! I'll bring her out every time I need to channel my diva ;)

She mailed her in another one of her beautiful cards. Thanks so much Lynn!!

Inside this wonderful card from Lisa B was my....

..."J" is for Jackdaw atc. The Jackdaw is the crow of the old world. I love him!

But wait....

She also sent this long box. I hope you can read the writing if you enlarge it.

Inside it was this....

...AMAZING hand painted crow's feather depicting the great plains where Ibis and (my totem) the crow are often found. WOW! Thanks so much Lisa!

You're so very thoughtful ;)

And yesterday I went to the post office and found this wonderful card that says it all from KJ! And the bonus of my first week here so far has been meeting KJ face to face. Yay!! It was easy-peasy, like having my sister stop by. Now our friendship has taken on a new dimension and has gone beyond virtualness.Is that a word? Anyway, it felt good to finally connect. I'd love to meet all of you one fine day.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

Whew, what a first week!! One to be thankful for, for sure.


  1. Awwwwww ... and I didn't get you anything! :(

  2. Oh that is wonderful hon...I have missed you here!! Now I know why!! Hope you love your new home!!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  3. yay so glad they all thought of you too, my card is on the will all keep getting betterer and betterer from now on.

  4. Wow, that is a huge lot of mail in one week! Beautiful stuff too. I love how I KNOW who did what before reading their names. We all have a certain style!
    Glad you like Esmerelda and she will be there to guide you!
    How fun to meet KJ! May all the virtual friendships flourish and come into REALITY WORLD too at some point.

  5. "It was easy-peasy, like having my sister stop by."

    awwwww, lo, you are my sister. that's exactly how it feels. and i've wanted a sister for a long long time.



  6. Glad to be part of the welcome committee!!!!

    The other gifts are awesome.
    The feather! Did Lisa do this herself? It is beyond words so special!

    And to meet friends in person! Wow how cool is that!

    Hope you feel at home already!

    love >M<

  7. It's nice being loved, ain't it? Your wealthy in friendships!

  8. Oh Laurel...

    They are beautiful...I love me the crows and ravens girl...

    Hugs xoxoxo S

  9. I am glad you are settled in as well as can be expected. It is wonderful that your snail mail made it to you safe and sound. Many blessings.

  10. Wow, what a homecoming your mailman brought!!!!All beautiful stuff (and now I am feeling guilty...)

    So happy to hear you met your 'sister'. Gosh, all this excitement.

    ohmygod, that crowbar is hysterical.

    One last thing, I had a terrible time reading your post with those colors, maybe you could choose something different? okay, I'm done whining.

  11. Laurel - you're all moved!! I was thinking of you and hoping that all went well my friend. Sounds like you're settling into your new 'digs' just fine and look at all that wonderful welcome home mail!! :>


  12. Such a wonderful array of beautiful and sentimental gifts to greet you!!!!! I hope you are enjoying the new place, would love to see some photos of it!

  13. OOOOOH MY What JOY!!!!!...and the best of all you are with us in bloggyland once again! :) WooHOO!

  14. I think alot of us like you....

  15. All of these wonderful gifts are so special, I really love that crow card, I too love ravens and crows. You must feel so loved.

  16. Wow, you have lots of art and friends following you to your new home and that is such a comfort. I love'd the Crow Bar card! Keep us updated on settling in, how the "animules" are faring, too.

  17. I'd love to get that kind of mail!

    naturally my favorite is the crowbar.

  18. really really fabulous artworks... all of them...

    the painted crow feather was breathtakingly beautiful...
    i put the pic on my desktop for a while if you don't mind, Lolo...

    the crowbar was really fun... especially for a teetotaller crow...

    thanks for sharing all these beauties with us...

    also thanks for your visits and sweet words... they really mean a lot to me...

    love and peace to you