Friday, July 31, 2009

Blogland Lane # 7 ~ My Dream Home

I've joined KJ and many other friends who have set up 'home' on Blogland Lane. Seeing as my new reality home has hit a few bumps, this is the place I've decided to move my hopes and dreams to. There will be plenty of room for friends to stay without encroaching on anyone's space. This is the front of the house. Someone got carried away with the number plaque, it should just be a "7." I'll fix it later. C'mon, I'll give you the tour.

This is one of my favorite spots in the back yard. I love to sip wine there with friends or just sit quietly with the animals and read a book while I gaze out at the ocean. There are lots of hawks and deer and rabbits who keep me company too. It's really a magical spot.

This is a magnificent old barn that has been renovated into my dream studio and gallery. I also use it for 2 months out of the year to bring in children from poor neighborhoods and give them a free summer of art, good food and a safe haven. The only thing they have to do to be chosen is get good grades in school.

So far this incentive has worked and many children have gone on to win art scholarships!

Finally, this is the long winding road to the house which shows the beautiful view of the ocean. The view is most spectacular from the studio in the barn but the salt air kisses every inch of the house, inside and out.

I think this is quite a neighborhood we've created! Welcome to my home.

Please stop by KJ's place and visit all the other residents!


  1. De-Lovely! How kind of you to take in poor orphan children and teach them art! I am at Blogland Lane #26...

  2. That is quite the dream home. I love the Studio. Nice of you to take in children and help them become great artists.

  3. I'll bring warm blueberry scones and we'll sit and chat in the back yard. Get the horses ready! With that big barn, I'm sure there are horses! We'll go riding down by the water...

  4. Scones sound good Kim, but sorry~the barn has been turned into a studio and gallery. There are plenty of critters there but no horses. My friends down the road have them though ;)

  5. lo, one of my best friends living next door, the ocean behind me, an incredible studio to visit, and a wonderful community to share life with. warm fuzzies deep in my heart: thank you ms. lolo.


  6. Okay! I got my own place! This neighborhood is so friendly! Check it out:

    I found the horses!

  7. Oh Laurel...I will help in the problem...Your only up a few houses..Love the whole place..My House is #4...check it out...

    xoxoxo S
    (sorry been MIA)

  8. I love your house. I am still house hunting :-).

  9. Laurel, this is absolutely fantastic!!
    i love what you do for the underprivileged children,Love IT!
    just a little effort in school and they can get opportunities.
    boy oh boy you're onto something great !

  10. I can't wait to be invited during the summer so I can help you with the children. Beatiful indeed.

  11. I want to live in your house and work in your studio and come up that beautiful road with the view.
    Happy dream home.

  12. How about holding art classes in the barn? We do need an education center on blogland lane don't we?

  13. I love your home and your barn! Mine is full of smelly horses and leather tack but . .who knows, maybe a warm space in the corner for creative thoughts! Lovely.

  14. Lolo-bring the kids down for riding lessons when they come. What a perfect "excuse" to buy a couple of ponies.

    I never wanted a pony as a child, always a horse, and now as an adult I really do see the beauty and wonder of a pony....tiny LITTLE horses they are!

  15. Hello!
    Just discovered your blog (I had been visiting Teri's Painted Daisies) and I must tell you that I have been reading for the last 15 or 20 minutes. I even went back to May and read about Mimi and Ed and their dog -forgive me- was his name Casey??
    I finally had to comment- Your cloud photo from the post in June (Phoenix Rising)just blew me away. I gasped when I saw it- wow. It looks "other worldly."

    I also love your dream house and property, and ideas from this post.
    I am going to continue to read now- perhaps see what your profile says, and maybe figure out where you drove from. Hope things are working out for you in RI.


  16. ah, yes, this is the property i've been looking for...too bad you beat me to it! everyone has missed you at IF! gotta get your mojo back!

  17. I am coming over to nap and I want to just lay down in the barn and watch you.

    I am going to find out at exactly what o'clock you turn into a raven.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  18. Beautiful home occupied by a beautiful soul with a beautiful heart!...and that barn!!!! OMG that is totally something YOU! What a concept!

  19. Hello neighbour I hope you wont mind if I join your hawks, deer and rabbits looking through your open barn window marveling at all that summer art ... I'm down the road at #53

  20. Fabulous place,,I adore the view of it in the last photo!
    Thanks for the invite,,,and I know a couple of kids who will want to see if they can take your summer classes. Super idea!
    Blogland lane is so cool!
    Come visit mine, and have a cup or glass!

  21. This is such a beautiful house. I would love to live somewhere like that and to have a barn as a studio...I would be in heaven. Love your dream home. I like your attitude to kids too.

  22. ab fab, lolo!

    my #333 is in my archives, in sidebar [near bottom], welcome any time... since we're both on the water, can't be too far apart ;) lol

  23. You have a wonderland of a dream home. Happy to meet you. I'm at #53A.

  24. Lovely house!!!!
    We are practically neigbors!
    Let's have that glass of wine!!!