Monday, July 27, 2009

Cactus Monday: Sepia and Orange

I kind of just let my sepia Pitt pens do the talking today with nothing concrete in mind. I used an orange sharpie for the contrast. Slowly but surely I'm getting my workspace together.

Happy Cactus Monday everyone!!


  1. This is very Southwestern looking to me Lolo. I like it. HCM. Can't wait to see your new studio. I bet you can't wait to get it arranged. It will take awhile to get to feeling like you are home.

  2. Wow, this is something else again!
    Lovely colours and design and I love the paper you used, is that pre designed or did you stamp it?
    Anyhow it is an inntriguing illo!
    Isn't it wonderful to have your own creating space again?!
    must feel like unpacking your life again.......


  3. hello lo! what a treat to see this cactus--love the sepia tones.

    btw, your eyes are beautiful. i was just looking at them and thinking that is true of your outside and inside...

    ms. kj

  4. this is magnificent...yah our lo is back! is it an atc? you know that i am going to ask to trade with you....tee heee.....happy cm and hope it is all getting easier and easier....btw did you get my card/s?love ya...

  5. There are three zen cacti with yours. Those cactus must be uniting. Love your choice of colors here. And it is SO wonderful to see you here! Working!!


  6. Something about the colors you used is very soothing to my eyes.
    Lovely cacti and a HCM to you!

  7. And it wandered into some lovely places that pen of yours.

  8. I love your patterns! Are you settling in? Happy life to you!

  9. Amazing!!!! Talent just drips from your fingers ma'am! I love this, I recently purchased a brown pen to change it up a bit and use with blue and pink but of course have not had the time to use them yet. I really enjoyed your sky photo in Utah, so beautiful. Take care, I look forward to seeing what work you post next!

  10. I came here and I took a deep sigh.


    Love Renee xoxo

  11. lovely drawing. good luck unpacking and organizing. saw your note on KJ's imagine a house/home post. i too cannot think about houses and homes just now. ugh. makes me feel a bit ill. remember to walk in that lovely park or by the water.

  12. Happy belated cactus monday lolo!
    I love the new approach of your cactus!
    Btway, thanks for dropping by and your lovely comment.
    I never forget of you Lolo.
    I am currently working on ATC for Lynn, after this I shall move on to do yours.
    Actually, I shoul work on yours first.
    Thank you for everything!

  13. Slow and sure is always a good way...Happy Cactus Monday ...even though it is Thursday...BIG hugs! :)

  14. This is wonderful and works so well in these colours, sorry you've been having a rough few months.