Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi Honey, I'm home!!!

Hey, I've missed all of you so much! Thanks for your well wishes and inquiries along the way. It's been one hell of a ride!!

I'm exhausted but safe. The animals didn't love the trip (which stressed me big time) but we all endured the trek nonetheless. I drove every single mile, all 3,713 of them. I'm a much better driver than I am a passenger. Brian agrees.

Anyway, today we finally got hooked up to internet, TV and a land-line. Woo-hoo! Once I find pots and pans I may cook a meal. Uh, maybe.

Here are a few pics of the new homestead we're renting in Rhode island. It has a lot of charm and a lot of drawbacks. Kind of like most of us.

Soon I'll be meeting a few blogger pals to be named later ;)

I'm sleepy and hungry. I hope to get caught up on posting and commenting soon. Please don't take it personally if I seem absent. I'm just busy with life changes. Thanks for understanding!

Yay...terra firma!


  1. Your new home looks positively charming even though you aren't settled. I do hope you can now relax somewhat. Welcome Home.



    BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!

  3. honey, i'm so glad you're home!!!


  4. Yeah, are home your new adorable abode! It looks just plain wonderful! Glad the animals made it throught he ordeal...I know that was rough! Just rest and take it a little easy now.

  5. Glad you ALL made it back in one piece. Your home looks lovely. Take your time and settle in. Everyone understands.

  6. I know about car lag and can well imagine that topped with moving in fatigue you must be pooped. Take your time. I did get your kudos for Ismerelda and am glad you like her. But I already mailed her to the house address. I hope the mail people will find her for you.
    Excited for your meet up with blog friends.
    Hug them for me please!

  7. OMG YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, so glad you are all safe and sound, what a pretty place, love it already. we rent our place too, have for 5 years now, no money to buy, but we love it and have made it home...stay safe, take all the time you need, and that IF post was definitely NOT for you, and send me your snail mail addie ya and now i can relax, i k ow you're safe. xxxxxxxand millions of wfs to fill your new home and new life....

  8. Hello stranger! That was some journey!!So glad you've all arrived safely! Your new home looks charming and will no doubt feel good once you've got all your things sorted. Will look forward to hearing from you when you are good and ready!!
    Caroline xx

  9. The sign on the door says it all! Here's heaps of homecoming hugs all for you!(((((HUGS))))) :)

  10. Tiring drive yes, but I always loved that coast to coast trip. No better way to see what we have here. Glad you left safe and arrived in the same condition. RI make sure you make it to the Cliff Walks (so you know what a cottage really is) and historic Newport.

  11. yeah welcome back, and welcome home!...been waiting waiting waiting. Take the time to settle in, but dont do what I did, and stop the art all together! It brought on way too much anxiety provoking drama. Hope your animals and you settle in well, and you get to cook a meal soon!

  12. Dear Laurel!
    SO HAPPY you are finally home, and you made it safe!
    Now you rest and you will see the animals will get rid off their stress in no time......
    Your home looks so lovely and lokks like a home already. So wait and see once you have unpacked all your nice things there!!!
    I just came home today from Dubai and won't spend too much time blogging, will go to bed early tonight.
    Tomorrow I will pick up where I left Monday, but I just had to say welcome back and welcome there dear!!!!
    Big hugs!!!!!
    and love

  13. You have a lovely new home, love your adorable door sign! Is your front yard going to bloom with flowers?

  14. I am so glad you are home in cyber space again. I've missed you-and worried for you running around out there in the big old "real world".

    Welcome back!

  15. awwwwwww,

    i just have to say i've been back three times now to look at your house and your home and your space and each time i feel such joy for you. the place is great, lo, and you are going to settle into it super-ly. and i love the porch. i want to hear about the porch.


  16. lololo, do you mind if kj's friend baino uses your drawing of me on her blog? i think she likes the fact that it is jubilant. she does not like rabbits so if it's okay with you i'm thinking maybe this might change her very wrong opinion of poor little rabbits like me.

    so let me know so i can tell her or you can tell her yourself if you want or kj can tell her or we can all talk at the same time, which actually might be fun.

    thank you in advance this time, lololo.

    emily rabbit

  17. ah renting. I wondered how you had a place to head towards so fast. Glad you made it safely and i agree, the house looks cute. have fun settling in.

  18. What a beautiful place. I hope you get settled in nicely and it soon becomes home to you. I love white painted houses.

  19. Woow! looks quite charming, hope you'll settle in and get a good night rest... or 2...or 3.... you must be pooped!
    More then 3000 km of driving, boy, in how many days ?
    Glad you've arrived! I missed you!!
    xoxox Suana

  20. Woot woot.....

    The raven has landed.

    Love you so much and glad you are home.

    Love Renee xoxo

  21. I'm so glad you've landed. and the house looks lovely despite it all. big big hugs to you all and.....

  22. CONGRATS, dear east coast friend.
    you give the word and I will meet you in NYC!!!!!!
    I know some cool art places for us.

  23. So glad you made it. Your new home is beautiful. Relax a little and take your time.

  24. I can't find your email address and am dying to know how your day went today - sO jealoous - hope you took pictures! mim


    guess who got to see lolo today?

    the house is fantastic and so is she.

    times 1000.


  26. Laurel sweet friend. You have been there for me since the first time I met you.

    I have considered you a friend from the very beginning. Now, however, you are my very dear friend.

    I love you.

    Renee xoxo

  27. Hi Lolo!
    So glad to hear from you and to see all your comments around!
    YES you are back!
    And you met KJ in person. Wow how special that must have been! (I am a bit jealous.......I want to meat you too, and meeting KJ would be fun as well......)
    You are busy settling in but that must be a nice job compared with packing and see your home turned into a house and this long stressfull ride.
    Now you are unpacking turning your beautiful house into a home!
    Have fun and in the meanwhile take care of yourself! Don't overtire yourself, you have all the time in the world!

    Love >M<

  28. Congrats on the new home!!! It's beautiful.
    If you ever come in to NYC (not all that far from Rhode Island!) you must let me know.


  29. okay,your friends and fans have waited lohg enough.

    we have to have another post soon! it's not fair that you keep us waiting like this. we'll settle for anything: even a just a sentence.

    you see, the problem is that your too interesting not to be ravishly missed....


  30. grammatical correction : you're

    i don't know why i manage to misspell so many woerds...


  31. What a cute house, welcome back to our side of town! Well you're a bit further east than us, but still, same weather and same pesky mosquitoes!

  32. Welcome home Laurel and Brian, I thought Jamie would be the first one of us to be there to greet you but I was wrong, Anna couldn't wait. We will see you soon!
    Luv ya,

  33. Oh thanks gawd you got there safely. Looks like a lovely little pad you got there. Hopefully, in time, even the drawback of that place will become endearing to you as you bond with it and create new memories!

    Welcome home!