Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Bliss's Window

This is my sweet kitty Bliss who had a hard time adjusting to the drive and the relocation. She finally sits in the window that is in front of my drawing table and she loves it! For those of you who don't know the latest chapter, we may have to move again because the landlady decided she needs to sell the house. Sadly, she didn't get the lease to us before we moved in. (Now we know why!)

The saga continues....

Meanwhile, HAW to all of my pals out there!


  1. Oh what a bummer about moving. What a horrible thing to do to you. Hope things work out. so much fun to move. NOT. Love this kitty of yours looking out the window. Your work is so wonderful in its simplicity. Your colors make the things you paint.

  2. Love this cat! Sure, if I were a cat, I will have lots of good dream too:)

  3. OMG! that is so wonderful that Bliss is happy, but the prospect of moving again? how awful. I know, because we just moved recently, and it takes a great toll on the soul, finances and sanity! Maybe the new owners will be looking for a tenant??

  4. Oh good grief lolo, I'm sure the cat reflects your settled in feelings and then to have this happen. How dam rude is that!!

    Maybe there is something better on the horizon. I sure hope so.

    Big hugs!
    and HAW

  5. Ohh I love this picture!
    Poor Bliss having to move again, poor you.........
    Just like Teri I hope that in the end you find something even better, that that you are happy this happened afterwards........ I really hope so!


  6. i can't help it. you are my friend and i want to protect you. i know you don't like swearing on your blog so i will refrain slightly:

    the landlord is a f---- a-----.

    unlike this drawing, which is
    t---- t----- (totally terrific)

    if love matters, and we know it does, your riches will carry you and bri to a state of all-is-well-again.


  7. aaaw poor little kitty. got your e mail, will answer...what a f...cow!!! happened to us once too.

  8. It's funny how long it takes cats to adjust to their new surroundings. But they do eventually, in their own time.

    I hope you will be a to settle in as well...moving is tough on the nerves...

  9. You have got to be kidding?

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. We are both thinking kitties today.
    Your white one is a beauty.
    So happy to hear he is happy at the new window. How sad he will have yet one more adjustment to make when you have to move again.
    And so will you. Shame on that landlord. Not nice at all to get you there when she had to know she was thinking of selling that house.
    I wonder if you can sue her!

  11. Thanks everyone. This is really small potatoes compared to people who are battling illness or losing their homes. But I'm pissed and hurt that she'd even consider this. I think we'll be able to work things out so we can stay because I have all of her emails and cancelled checks stating her intentions when we agreed to take the place.
    We don't want to live here under duress however, so if we need to move on, we will.
    We don't want to take matters to court, but if we have to move I'll try my best to get moving costs from her as well as the money I've already paid her.

    I'm glad to know most people are true to their word most of the time. It's people like her that make trusting so hard sometimes.

    The only thing I'll unpack next is my printer until I know where my permanent address will be.
    I'll keep you posted!


  12. OH NOOOOO I can't believe it - that really SUCKS...

    but HAW to you anyway...

    poor lolo...I just don't like that. Bad karma for that lady.

  13. official notice:

    push laurel around, give her a hard time, or hurt her feelings and i will punch you in the nose.

    officially yours,

  14. Dear Laurel I started reading such a a sweet post - darling little kitty picture - but then, oh no, you have to move again? How awful for you all - I sincerely hope you'll have success in getting your expenses paid in full.

  15. Naughty landlady...and poor Bliss having to get settled all over again - and you of course.

  16. I feel outraged. This reminds me of why I want to buy a house as opposed to rent (which i did for many years). One is always at the whim of a landlord. I think we local folks should make some placards and march up and down the street in protest.

    Sending you good vibes for the situation to turn out for the highest good for all involved. at least if you do have to move it wont be 2000 miles!

    be well, suki

  17. Poor Kitty. Pasht took a long time to settle in to this house, because in her mind it's two houses (she owns my parent's too) and there is a house in between....what a mess for a cat who doesn't care to roam.

    She rules the garage and a side yard that the dogs don't go in, and the front porch and pergola. Dogs are on the pergola by invitation only, and she will circle it, trying to get them in trouble so I will put them back in the back yard. She moves outside in the spring, and back inside when the temp drops below 40.

    I rarely allow her in the snake room any more because Elvis, her friend, is gone, and the other snakes are disturbed by her. She's most fascinated by Sonny, who is big enough to eat her.

  18. A new comment for the landlady situation. Maybe that house you are in isn't where you are supposed to be right now. Don't fight too hard for it, your real home may be waiting.

  19. Oh-you might ask the cat where your real home is-they know those things.

  20. Oooooh noooooo! So sorry! Dangit! That is really rediculous! Well, I suppose better now then once you really got settled... and maybe it just means there is something way better out there for you. Fingers crossed!!!

    Sweet little Bliss painting, by the way.

  21. I would love to sit in the window in front of your drawing table too...What a wonderful, soul enrichening spot that would be.....Ahhhhhh!

  22. HAW and Pshaw on the landlady. What a kick in the pants.

  23. Dearest Lolo,

    Hello, my wonderful friend. I've missed your beautiful, gentle-yet-emotional-filled art. Thank you for your good wishes and thoughtfulness. And thank you for your box of hugs. It is a gorgeous gift that will sit on my desk, always within view. Your friendship and love has made this transition all the easier to bear.

    I hope everything works out with your new home and landlady. I'd hate to see you and Bliss having to readjust yet again.

    With love,

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