Monday, November 28, 2011


I have mixed feelings about doing this, but in my heart I think it's the best solution all around.
I opened a box from a dear distant relative (whom I've never met) and inside were these two, brand new darling bears. She and I have exchanged Christmas gifts for eleven years now. The thing is, these are different from what she normaly sends.
I don't collect anything, especialy dolls or bears or anything cute.
I'd be an art collector if I could afford it, but I can't.
So after gazing in these sweet eyes for a couple of weeks I thought the right thing to do would be to have a regift-a-way and have the winner reimburse me for the postage. You get two collectible bears for the cost of shipping and I don't have a heavy heart from shoving these cuties in a drawer when they should be proudly displayed.

They are Bearington Bears. Look at her face! Her dress is more of a Christmas green, not this dull green in the photo. They come complete with a stand with the tags still attached. 

Look at this little cutie in his cable knit sweater!
What little girl (or big girl collector) wouldn't love these?
I can't help that I'm missing that gene! :)

Think of who you have on your list who would be thrilled to open this package on Christmas day. I will draw the name of one lucky winner on Sunday, Dec 4th.
I'm only allowing those of you who already visit me to enter this.
That's my small gift to you, my loyal friends. (Whom I haven't been so loyal to these days, sorry.)
 I know how giveaways can ooze into the blogosphere and everyone comes a runnin'!
Sorry, friends only Good luck everyone!
I just want these bears to have a wonderful, loving home.
If she had sent me a puppy or kitten there would NOT be a giveaway ;)



  1. is it wrong that that last rear shot is my favorite?

    lo, you are a sweetheart. this will be lovely for just the right person.

    and it's a brilliant idea. maybe someone wants my lettuce spinner?

    p.s. me loves you

  2. Adorable. My kids are grown. I have no grands yet. I think your idea is terrific and I sincerely hope that just the right person will win and place these sweeties into loving little arms.


  3. dear laurel,

    it's me, your dear distant relative. i won these bears at the church raffle. they were donated by a woman from barrington rhode island who said she stuffed five one hundred dollar bills inside them, but i never had the heart to tear either one open.

    in any case, i hope no one from barrington rhode island reads your blog because in this case what goes around definitely comes around.

    love and happy holidays,
    your dear distant relative
    (what? no anonymous comments allowed? i had to inflitrate this kj. who the heck is she anyway?)

  4. HAHHAHA, love your not so anonymous commentor!

    These are beautiful bears,,,just right for the right person. I'm missing the same gene you are, so I'll say: Lucky you,to the winner!

    It's a very generous thing you do, Lo,,,and I agree they shouldn't be sitting in a drawer, as they are precious.

  5. These are adorable Lo. I hope you find them a good home. Maybe Souls little grand kids would love them.
    I got two very similiar bears at a garage sale for $5 each and felt very lucky getting those! ;-) So I am set for bears but sweet of you to offer.

  6. Please don't put my name in the hat, as I have no use for them either, but I wanted to say how sweet and generous you are to offer these cuties for adoption. I'm sure they will be something special to some lucky person.

  7. Oh, Lo, please add my name to your hat! I adore bears, beside they're my totem! I would love for them to live in my studio nookery! :) :) :) :) :)

  8. Please add my name and thanks for the invite! I do have two little grandgirls who would think these are wonderful. Keep in mind that if I should win, the bears will NOT be kept in collector condition, they will be very loved, used and worn within no time and probably have cereal and milk spilled on them. But if they are looking for love, I think the two little girls would do it!

  9. hee hee he, did you rip them open yet?

    you are right lo, and i'm sure the right home will make itself known.
    i don't really collect things like this either. oh, i have to tell you a funny thing, kimberly tried to smuggle your painting out of my studio yesterday. she loves that snow scene! (don't worry, i caught her!, lol).


  10. Put my name in!! I LOVE these bears.

  11. I don't collect either Lo. I think it is wonderful that you are passing them on. I know there are bear collectors out there. These are reeeeally sweet. Just like you.

  12. I love to join . I think they would be a lovely gift for Josje. But then again when I read Indigene's comment I think they would be happy at her place as well, maybe even better then getting abused by little kids These should be displayed :)
    So you better take me out again.

    So nice of you to pass them on.
    Having things in boxes don't make anyone happy..... :)
    After my studio is done I have to see what is left in my boxes and that will have to go also.


  13. As always, your loving heart just overflows with -LOVE. I know a little girl called Maggie who would love these bears- and her Mommie would really look after them (and stop aplogising for not being around- you are around us all the time!)

  14. the bears are totally adorable. i am sure whoever wins them will be so happy. actually i often see these bearing ton bears in thrift stores. i resist them every time. my son's half sister has some young children who might enjoy these. hugs, suki

  15. Hi Lo!! These are so cute! I think they should go to a collector, or to a little kid. I saw a couple of hand wavers up there above me. Lol! xox Pam

  16. Lots of lovely takers for you to decide....

    This is so sweet of you....but then, that's WHO YOU ARE!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  17. They're lovely -- and you are doing the right thing. Don't add my name, though, because I'm just like you. But I can admire from afar!

  18. What a nice idea. There really are some kind folks left in the world.

  19. What a sweet story and darling bears! I agree, whoever is lucky to have these will cherish and love them. My 7-year old niece Katelyn would adore them :)

    Happy Friday!!

  20. I'm with kj...the rear shot is my favourite. These are beautiful bears, lo, I love them. It's true, they should be displayed...but I can only imagine the love my two little twin grandbabies would shower on them.

    I still remember my bear I had as a child...he would have been worth a bit now, as he was a Stief (sp?)bear,had he been displayed...but he looks really, really ragged now, from being held and listening to all my secrets as a child. I still love him, even so.

    I've missed you, lo...take care of yourself...xx