Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Grace

I don't need one particular day of the year to give thanks for all that I have in life.
I try to be thankful every day, and yes, sometimes it's hard
Like when friends and family get sick. Or when there's not enough money for bills.
But even if I'm in a weeping heap, I know how blessed I am just by being given another day to try to get it right. To make a difference even in some small way.

Here's to all of you who have made a huge difference in my life. I'm grateful to you all even though I may not say it (or visit) often enough.
I really love knowing you're there.

Really ♥


full moon photo taken in Pacific Grove, CA.
raven photos taken at Nepenthe, Big Sur, CA


  1. Lo, I totally agree, everyday is the day to be grateful, but I like it that we have a holiday for it too :-). Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  2. beautiful lo, hug hug hug. i hope you have a wonderful day. (loved seeing the nepenthe bird)

  3. *BS*, you KNOW I feel exactly the same way. Life and Friends are Precious Gifts to be thankful for.
    We have both had a *roller coaster* year..... but... the lovely things far outweigh the sad ones.

    I am picturing you, basting the turkey... SH scans the horizons for Squirrels and Princess Bliss sits on her *Throne*...her nose inhaling the fragrance of roasting turkey! Hey, Bri will be watching the '49'ers" play the RAVENS! (See how savvy I am!)

    Love and Blessings to all 4,

    ♥ LS ♥

  4. Yes Every day we should take a moment to count our blessings.
    You are one of them dear ♥
    Love You!

  5. just remember to stuff that bird and not cook it upside down (heehee)

    happy thanksgiving, lo. thank you for being such a bright star in my sky. and thank you for every adventure ahead :^)

    your photos are gorgeous


  6. Your gentle way and powerful words brighten my spirit...always! Giving thanks for you...:) ♥

  7. Oh, are such a sweet person...I appreciate your awesomeness!!!

  8. I hope you and yours had a great day Lo. I am thankful for you too. Big hugs.

  9. Before I scrolled down and read all the way to the bottom, I knew that view was from Nepenthe. A beautiful place if there ever was one!


  10. Lovely way of sharing your life and blessings here today with us. I too am glad YOU are here LOLO.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, so much to be grateful for.

  11. lovely photos. hope your T day was full of friends love and good food. so many "not" blessings in our lives such as there is not a war going on down the street, Thich Nhat Hanh's not toothache meditation. Peace, Suki

  12. And you know how much you mean to me too Lo, even if I visit your blog rarely these days- you are always in my heart- and I am truly thankful.

  13. Lovely images and words! Hope your Thanksgiving day was just wonderful. xx

  14. You are so right, L. There are so many things to be grateful for every single day and we should never dwell on what we don't have. We should all appreciate each other more. Hugs to you, too, and I hope you had a happy holiday.

  15. i love (love love love) nepenthe - always get such a kick out of being there.

    and LOVE you dear -hope your day/week/ whatever was/is wonderful.

  16. A lovely grace-filled Thanksgiving to you, Lolo! ♥

  17. Your Thanksgiving blessing says it all. I too value and appreciate you and all my other blogger friends.

  18. Hey Laurel! How are you my friend? Love your photos....just wanted to stop in and send Thanksgiving wishes your way. Take good care, xo