Sunday, November 06, 2011

Oh Joy!!!!

I had the day off today. Oh Joy!
I spent time cleaning my messy studio. Oh joy!
And then I made myself take a little time to paint.

Little painting for Grasmere.
BIG joy in my heart to make art again.

5" x 5" for my new "Teasers" series.



  1. Oh that is great!!!!!!!
    This will be so good for you.
    I am so happy you made time to do art and look what a little masterpiece you made again!!!!!!
    So cute!
    I am happy it made you feel good this is what you need!
    I will respond to your mail tomorrow. Right now I am trying to go to bed but then I saw your post popping up so I had to see and read it.
    I am so happy for you dear.
    All will be ok
    I just know it!

    Hear from me tomorrow;)


  2. Oh Lolo, this so ADORABLE and it so good to see you making art again. Been way too long!

  3. look at you! working away and even painting - I am impressed. and even more impressed as this painting is wonderful.

  4. Awwww! I love him. He is adorable. I'm glad you got time to create today. xo Pam

  5. what a sweetie. i hope he gets that peanut.

    glad you have joy. best thing to be full of.

  6. he (she?) looks wistful. possibly more things to think about than just a peanut.

    you create the most wonderful animals, lo. i am lucky-ducky to have three of them here with me and in person they are even more spectacular.

    who's next? do you want suggestions? there are one or two dozens of us, your friends and fans, who would gleefully weigh in


  7. Beeeeutiful Squirrley! He is fantastic! I know this did your heart and soul good be creating again!

    This little guy (like all your art) will find a new home soon!


    ♥ LS ♥

  8. Very sweet painting! You are not alone in the cleaning mode from what I am reading on other's blogs. Not me. I'm busy making messes (to clean later...maybe!) LOL

  9. What a cute little guy. I too did some cleansing and rearranging in my Studio this weekend. It wasnt inviting enough and stuff was everywhere. I also found a better spot in there for your Raven painting that I enjoy so much. So glad to see you doing more Art work.

  10. He is adorable! Your animals are so full of life and I can just see the wistful look in his eye. I need to take time to clean my space - I find I don't create as much when it's messy because there's no room.

  11. Good for you!!!!! This is so precious, just love it. Hope you are enjoying your job, great to have a day off though!

  12. Hi Laurel - how are you my friend?! Just making my way around blogland slowly after our recent move (yes again!) Glad to hear you had some time to create, I'm SO needing that right now and can totally relate w/ the messy studio thing, all my stuff is still in boxes, sigh...

    btw love this little piece and the title of your new series - take care, xo

  13. Oh Joy! Have fun on your day off.

  14. I love the theme of your new series. Of course this first painting is great. Those little pink ears are real.

  15. how charming, you sound so much happier these days, yay, happy dance.

  16. and no morning hangover!

    I love, love your 'blue' post previous. Awesome artwork!

  17. perfect for this season and so precious. I'm delighted you are making time to paint (and share) even with your busy work schedule.

    Autumn Hugs!

  18. Peanuts are a sacred food of the crows, ya know. If I feed them to the squirrels around here, I have to do so on the sly.

    I love this little guy's face. His eye does sparkle with joy. Perfect.