Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Meditation

I had a day off today and all I asked for was to find a few moments to take a shot or two of the foliage before today's rain brings down all the leaves.
This is one of my favorite vistas. A house on the marsh looking as if it's its own island. I was thrilled to see it had visitors today as I was driving by on my way home from the market. 

Hello, Mr. and Mrs.!!

Soft rain falling in Autumn...and swans!

Thank you, Universe.  

P.S.  My nickname at work is tree hugger. And that's a bad thing?

Happy Animal Wednesday!!


  1. Always so good to hear from you. You photos are just wonderful and perfectly autumn.


  2. Ooooooh....I KNOW where this was taken! I KNOW these Swans!!!

    What a gorgeous Autumnal image....sigh....beautiful and soothing after so much going on with so many of our friends.

    I needed this!!!! (And I KNOW YOU DID too!)

    Love you, BS...... miss youso much!

    Love to all 4,

    ♥ LS ♥

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  4. hello, here's to a day off from work and leaves and swans and here's to TIME!

    the leaves are almost gone here. i look for a fire splash of red and it's exciting when it appears. but soon we will have a different color.....brrrrrr.


  5. we're off for a week - going to mom's for the week and I'm so behind I can't even think straight. but glad you are here and OK and we'll do something around christmas OK?????love

  6. Hi Lo,
    I've been having Blogger issues,and hoping I've resolved them, fingers crossed.
    Gorgeous post!
    Our leaves are just now beginning to turn color. There aren't as many varieties of trees here as you have, with all the gorgeous color, but I love and hug them all anyway.
    So glad that you had a day off to go meandering.Yaaa!

  7. Wow..What a great view. I wish we had swans around here. They are so elegant. Glad you had the time to go take the photos. Update on Annie..She is doing really good now. Walks well on all fours. I am sooooo happy we found the new Vet and had the surgery done. HAW..

  8. Hi dear!
    Glad you had a good day off. Hope it brought you new energy and positive thoughts.
    This place sure is wonderful and the swans always so lovely.
    I will fly to Shanghai today and will be back on Sunday.
    On my way to the train I will stop by my Mom.
    Next week I hope to get all the painting done so I can have a few days off before my shed comes with a lot of painting work :( in the beginning of December.
    Hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your work more and more.
    Miss you dear!

  9. glad you got your much needed day of peace and rest. i love your new nickname, a badge of honor.
    oh what a view... and hello swans :)

  10. Hello Tree Hugger, it is I, Dances With Dogs! ;) If you have to have a moniker, yours is a good one. I'm glad you had some time to take these pictures because they have calmed me right on down. Thank you. xox!

  11. I think that being considered a Tree Hugger is a good thing. Just don't go and get yourself arrested by sitting in a tree to save it from destruction like another of my friends. It might take me quite a while to get over to your place to bail you out since you live so far away. I hope you enjoyed your day off. Love seeing the swans ever though they are an introduced species.

  12. This is a very nice Animal Wednesday post. Very scenic and restful. Hope you enjoyed your time off. Don't work too hard.

  13. A great documentation of this perfect moment, Laurel, although I'm surprised that the male didn't attack.

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  15. I love the swans! So peaceful. Tree Hugger can be a good thing - but like Lisa says, getting arrested is not! I'm curious about your job at the vet you care to share? I'd love to hear what you do!

  16. Thank you for sharing this lovely vista! Kudos for taking time for you :)


  17. I work for three days and have two whole days off and every one of them is a gift- love my days off.
    lotsa hugs and wfs to you sweetie pie.

  18. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!

  19. Not a bad thing at all, Laurel. What a stroke of luck to find the swans at home. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  20. Beautiful, And it's a good nick name - I proudly claim being a tree hugger.