Sunday, December 04, 2011

New paintings and Bear winner!

Somehow I've managed to whip up two new small paintings for Grasmere.
This snowy lamb ...

And this Baroque-era raven.
There's shiny coppery bits on the rave's background which is hard to make out.
It felt good to paint again!

And now....drum roll please...

The winner of the cute bears is

Congrats my friend! I know your grandkids will give them lots of love♥
How funny that you entered just in the nick of time :)


  1. Oh...I am sooo behind in visiting but when I saw your post on my reader and feel in love with the snowy sheep, I had to come by and tell you that! Love the kitty angel header, too!

  2. It has to feel just great getting some painting done, I'm happy for you!
    Your animals are always special, as you breathe such life into them.
    Good job, Lolo,,,,,
    and congrats to Marion!

  3. Yay for Marion and her Grands. Love these paintings Lolo. Good to see you back at the canvas.

  4. Thank you so MUCH! I'm beside myself with happiness...the twins will love them, I know!

    That furry little face...such wise eyes...has grabbed my heart. So awesome that you're painting again!

    Thanks again, lo!! xx

  5. oh triple yay for marion. she is probably doing some kind of i'll be damned thank you dance right this minute!

    i have a prediction. i will bet you $ 5 that raven painting will be gone in 14 days. maybe in one day.

    i am ever and always glad to see you painting, ms lo my friend.

    see you cockatoo,
    soon, in tune
    tootaloo kangaroo
    sincerely with love

    not not fair! how come i have to use kj's blog again? are you afraid of anonymous suitors?
    (hee hee hee)

  6. That lamb is beautiful with such soulful eyes. I like them both but the lamb won my heart.
    Love how you captured snow too!

  7. Boo for Marion!! ( stamp feet, act like a big baby!!).

    Actually lovely for Marion and the twins will love those bears. Bears need to be loved.

    The sheep is awesome - Just wonderful. And you know how I feel about your paintings. I was at a craft/ art sale today and no one held a candle to your paintings.

    Lovely to see you painting.

  8. How wonderful for Marion and the Twins! Bears NEED love - and they will have it!

    Some great comments here - even Emilwee is posting! You know I adore the Lamb!!! (A-ha-ha!) Beautiful as are all your Winter Creatures!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. glad you got some creative time. and what fun that Marion won the bears for her dear grandkids. take care, suki

  10. Oh I love the wooly lamb.. soooooo cute.. always love your Ravens.

  11. Oh I love the wooly lamb.. soooooo cute.. always love your Ravens.

  12. glad glad glad your getting some painting (soul filling) time in lo. lovely animal portraits.
    how nice for marion, she is so happy!

  13. Congrats to Marion!! Yay!
    Love the snowy lamb and the raven. Where did you find time for art?

  14. Congrats to Marion!!

    Love these provocative pieces...

  15. I like them both. The lamb calls to mind someone wearing a feather boa, making him look both festive and cozy.

  16. love the eyes, congrats to the winner.

  17. so happy to see your creations and to see you painting again, I know this will give you energy.
    We had our last evening here and now we are in the room. Felix is watching a movie and I am surfing the net a little.
    Tomorrow we will do the botanical gardens . We did and saw a lot . Will tell and show you later ;)

    Love from Spore

  18. Outstanding that Marion won, especially with her new grandbaby!!

  19. The header is super duper awesome!!! Blue lights are festive and spiritual all rolled into one.

    Enjoy chill putter paint pumpkin pi. This holiday decoration is super duper awesome.....hee hee, why does that sound familiar ?


  20. I love the depth and richness of your work! :)

  21. Have to say the crow is my favorite! It's stunning!