Thursday, June 30, 2011

Provincetown Whimsey!

No matter where you stand in Provincetown there is a photo op!
Now this is my idea of a handsome cab ;)

I think this should be "Lolo Love."

One of my very favorite stores filled with Zen-ful goodness. 

The name of this installation in front of the Provincetown Art Association is "I used to be a forest." The paint is red car paint. I love it!
I'm sure these were fallen branches, not cut to make this.

This beauty rests in front of the art assoc.

~outdoor seating for one gallery~

Zen head at another gallery.

Um, okay, whatever!

A passionate dance in the middle of Commercial Street. They were great!

A perfect night light at Kj and Jb's.

~There's something fishy about the time~

~restaurant whimsey~

and more...

...and more!

An old masthead?

I waited for the peace flag to blow just right for full view.
Everyone should have a pink bike on the balcony!

Oh those New Englanders!

And finally, zinneas for Marianne ♥

And a special cottage by the sea for Robin♥
Thanks for coming along!


  1. OMG! What a FANTASTIC POST!!! So many gorgeous P-town day I WILL get there with *our gang*....I just know it!

    In the meantime, there's YART - and "before" and "after".....will it be too late in the season for Lobster Rolls?

    I am already counting down the days....just can't help it. But, one thing, could your Red Sox please get on a roll and help me out by beating those Phillies?
    (Sorry all of you non-baseball fans...)

    Sending you, Bri, SH and Princess many hugs.......


    ♥ LS ♥

  2. Woo-Hoo! I was first to comment!!!! ;)


    ♥ R ♥

  3. Pretty cool photos. Wow what a gorgeous town. and I too like that handsome cab..:))

  4. When I saw the zinnias I thought Why I am I not able to get them in my garden???????

    What a lovely post!!!!!

    I thought My brother has to visit P town. He will love it!

    I will always miss it. Like the homesick feeling I will always have when I think of certain places and people......


  5. so many wonderful scenes from P-town. What fun. Love the little lilac cottage too.

  6. loved every photo every memory for you all that fun all those clever arty finds yes most definitely a photo op at every turn and thanks ever so much for sharing with us. I love hearing when blog pals get time together in that other real life.

  7. This is such a cheery post Lolo. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  8. I'm loving my weekly east coast tours! What a delightful collection.

    Until the next trek.... have a splendid weekend! hugs :)

  9. that is definetly a whimsical town!! it is so much fun to see what you choose to photograph, i love seeing the world with things i may have missed!

    so glad you had a great time!
    xoxo lori

  10. Fabulous photos, and a fun tour!
    I especially like the 'no pahkin' sign.
    It hit my chuckle bone in all the right places.

  11. what a wonderful arty 'eye' you have for photos Lolo. and what beauty all around you, somehow that places just seems so magical.

  12. What an utterly amazing, magical place! (which I know I could never afford because I love the pics of it..SNARF!!!)
    Beautiful trip through the town....delightful feel for the vibe and the people.
    Yes, a little cottage for the summer....wouldn't that be nice... :-)


  13. Superb photos and post...I've read much about Provincetown and you've brought it alive for me with your photos! It sounds like you all had a marvellous much to see and do and the company was stellar! xx

  14. Great photo tour. I've not been to Provincetown since before I had kids.

  15. "Oh Cabbie! Yoo-hoo!"
    Love these shots, but wait, - aren't those two MEN dancing? Oh well....
    Anyway, these are all so great!

  16. I absolutely love it when you travel...and I get to go along in your back pocket...wonderful views!!!!

  17. Oh, how I want to go to Provincetown. Seems like a magical place!

  18. Oh...this post just says 'Summer' in lovely colors, passion, flowers and lights...I feel the need for a vacation coming on but this was a nice respite, for sure!