Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Doggies in P-Town

The lovely Ms. Stella who was very generous with her kisses ;)

A sleepy old guy who appeared to be deaf because he ignored every sound I made to get him to look my way.

I think he's laughing inside!

An artist's companion

An artist's sleepy model :)

A lovely porch pooch

A chubby little beach bum :)

A very happy old girl and her ball

And big ol' Maddie who had a lot to say!

After TEN tries to upload photos, I now present a few of the furry faces in P-Town!

Happy Animal Wednesday!!


  1. I'm happy you finally got these loaded...darn blogger.
    Those dogs are precious ESP. With your commentary. I'm still giggling about the 'deaf' dog that did such a great job of ignoring you.


  2. What a handsome collection of doggie photos. HAW.

  3. WOW!
    If the pooches of P-Town have it that good, the people there must have a wonderful life!
    I like the chubby little beach bum....he's got it really good....if that harness would juuuuust sliiiip offfff.... ;-)
    Love the post!


  4. Haw!!!!!
    had a nap. The only way to upload my pictures today was to click on the HTML code button........
    Wonderful they finally let you!
    All these wonderful doggies!

  5. Oh Stella!!!! She is so beautiful.... thank you for this photo!

    As for the other menagerie - how adorable they ALL are!!!! I want to hug each one! (Love the one in the water with his ball in his mouth!)

    Wonderful posts!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. the doggie days of summer! it looks like your walk was a doggone sucess, hee hee.

    owen wants to go to ptown now.

    happy animal wednesday lo!

  7. What a fun blog post for HAW. I love the Artist dogs best. :))
    My internet was down yesterday was them...and my monitor went black. Today its all up and running again. Go figure. I am not up for Blogger to be tempermental today. :O

  8. Wonderful dogs! Thank you Lo.

  9. Aw, Stella!

    Looks like a fine bunch of pups.

  10. cute pics! They look like well taken care of members of the family!

  11. oh jeez what can i say. thank you for starting with my girl stella, who is in love with you.

    my favorite here is the poli gallery shot. perfect in every way.

    ptown is a haven for dogs and people who love dogs. we didn't get to walk along the bay and beach (next time!) but that is my favorite way to meet and greet so many great dogs.

    so what's next? i'm loving this lo!!!


  12. what a fun tour of provincetown. isnt it know for its dog lovers???

  13. OK...I must truly be a cat person if someone else's vacation doggie photos don't make me go awwww...but glad they helped you enjoy your walk...