Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Provincetown Part 1

The long drive to Provincetown was a breeze this weekend. It's as if everyone waited to go later. Honestly, I had the open road the whole way and the sunshine followed along.

A little squirrel acted as my escort, showing me the way up the stairs.
Ah, but I already knew my way!

This is the view from the outdoor dining table where we shared wonderful meals and conversation. It's such a charming place!

A calm greeter.

The sweet windowbox on the shed. Their neighbor has wonderful special touches everywhere you look. What a green thumb he has!

This was the view from my window at the restaurant we went to for Sunday brunch.
(remember, $12.95 all you can eat at Fanizzi's!!)
hahaha, KJ was telling everyone that all day!

The three of us went to the beach Sunday afternoon and just chilled for a couple of hours. It was heavenly and peaceful and nourishing.

Look at this sweet little free-spirit!

Our tired feetsies :)

It was a lovely day. A perfect weekend, really.
I took so many photos that I'll have to do a series of posts. The next one will be on the houses and gardens, and then Wednesday will be some dog photos I took on my walks.
This is just a short post for now so I can get caught up on things around here.
It's amazing what falls apart when I'm not here, but I have to say Bri did a great job taking care of Emma and Bliss, and that's one huge worry off my mind.

I hope to visit all of you real soon!!

Thanks KJ and JB.
I'm still glowing♥


  1. Sounds and looks like a lovely trip! Thanks for sharing! Great pictures!

  2. It must have been a wonderful time since you are still glowing on tuesday afternoon. It looks like a beautiful place.

  3. oh, love the photos...love the "Goowah" aka *Squirrel* guiding you to the door....love the feetsies in the sand... love the sailboat in the sea....gosh, I just love all of it!


    ♥ Robin/LS ♥

  4. Lo, These are lovely photos. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and you deserve it!

  5. no one will enjoy these posts and pictures more than i do. this is so wonderful and realistic i feel like i was right there with you.

    oh hahahaha :^)

    from start to finish, we fell into every moment. most definitely we'll do it again. and again.

    i love how you selected certain parts of the yard and made magic of them.

    can't wait for more


  6. Love your pictures! that little backyard garden is too cute. And the sailboat is VERY similar to the one I lived on! I want to visit where you went!

  7. Despite a lovely weekend with my brother - I am a bit jealous. Actually a lot but that's ok!, I am also happy for my friends who had a lovely weekend ( she said gallantly)

  8. loved the series of photos; the baby running on the beach gave me such a chuckle

  9. It looks/sounds absolutely wonderful...from someone wanting a vacation from EVERYTHING sooooo bad!
    Maybe I'll crawl into one of your pictures. heehee. Better shoot with a wide angle lens for that to happen!
    Seriously....beautiful photo documentary.
    Glad you had a great time.


  10. There seemed to be hardly any people on the beach or was that just a well aimed camera???

    I was intrigued by the sandbar picture. I was trying to figure out its size but everything looked out of perspective. There were people and rocks, a boat in the distance and what WAS that on the sandbar. The image almost has a Salvadore Dali feel to it.

  11. I really am enjoying these east coast treks with you :) Such lovely sights and relaxing on the ocean on a sandy beach is something we rarely do here in the PNW!

    Happy Summer to ya!!

  12. Lovely pictures I see the weather was good and I KNOW the visit must have been great!
    I know Robin And I (and a few others) would have loved to be there as well......... But one day we will all be together!!!

    Just like you I have a lot of catching up to do.........


  13. I feel as if I was there with you! More!

  14. so glad the drive was trauma free. the photos all look gorgeous. love the beach and sand and bare toes.