Friday, June 24, 2011

My latest paintings

This guy is my latest little miniature, 4"x4". I painted two at the same time. I gave the other one to KJ and JB for hosting me last weekend in Provincetown.
He's supposed to go to YART but I also listed him on Etsy.
First come, first serve :) 

I was commissioned to paint this Casablanca Lily for someone wo owns two other pieces of mine. I struggled with this! It's only 6"x6" on masonite. I painted it with acrylics but I just couldn't get the blending to work. I thought I'd take a chance and work in some colored pencils knowing I could ruin it. I think it helped, so rather than overwork it I called it finished. And she's happy with it, that's what matters!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh they are both lovely and perfect. You do have to watch over doing a painting or drawing. That can be the death of it. Jerry Yarnell, who has a TV show, aways says, Dont piddle play or putter your painting to death. Well done.

  2. I am always overdoing things. These are great! Sometimes I think small size is harder than big. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Suki

  3. love these lo! the small size is perfect, my favorite.

  4. They are both great Lolo. Of course I like the herring head best. :) I hope you have a great weekend too.

  5. Very nice, lo! Those small paintings take a lot of talent and creativity. It's easy to see you have both attributes in spades! xx

  6. I really like the perspective/angle of the bird head painting. I try to find just the right angle for my etegami images because I have to leave space for words. This would make a great etegami. :D

  7. Both paintings are exsquisite! Oh yess....

    But the Gull is so wonderous.....
    I need an entire new house to hang all of the art you created that I covet!!!! (Well, at least I can buy a card version!) I lobe how Lisa referred to "Painting #1" as *Herring Head*!!!!


    ♥ LS ♥

    p.s. You KNOW why it took so long for me to comment!!!! A-ha-ha!

  8. That lovely flower is like a firework exploding from the center.

  9. Both are lovely!!!!!
    Love the seagull as well. White flowers are just difficult!

    Bet KJ and JB wee thrilled to get it, I know they love your work just like I do!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  10. lucky jb and kj - that's what I say.

    it's not overworked...I think it looks lovely and am glad she likes it

  11. Oh wow anyone would be happy with that. They are lovely. I am going to have a peep at etsy right now.

  12. Oh I love these Laurel - and yeah I know what you mean about feeling somethings overworked, colored pencils have come to my rescue more than once! :>

  13. Your art ALWAYS makes me smile...:)
    Love that lily!