Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Sweet Young Thing

Remember these sweet little out-buildings that I saw at Coggeshall Farm?
I took my friend there so she could get photos of them and when we got there our view was blocked. Hold on, I'm coming to that! But meanwhile we were told what they used to be. This top one was the cheese house. This was an old working farm, remember?

And this one is right next to it, this is the well. The young man let us open the door to show us. It just looked like a house full of water! The reason the cheese house was close to it is because there was no electricity in those days, hence it was hard to keep the dairy products safe from bacteria, so they washed the walls, shelves and floors constantly. It was just handy and neccesary to have the well close by.

But these guys were blocking our photo shots!
This is Constance and one of her keepers. I forget what kind of cow she is, but I do remember he said she's 10 months old.

She was completely ignoring us to munch on these fresh greens.
Between the mud from recent rain and her cow pies, well, it was hard to step around there!

"Constance" is going back to the pasture to be with her sister "Goodness" and the horses and burro. You wouldn't believe the decibal of the MOOOOOOOO that came out of her! She wanted to stay right where she was.
I have to admit, that place is so peaceful and restorative.
We can all use a dose of that!
~Happy Animal Wednesday~


  1. I don't remember seeing these buildings before. They are so charming. Wouldn't it be fun to have one in the garden to keep ones tools in? Cows are so interesting to me. This one is a young beauty. HAW.

  2. Cows, as with parakeets, can manage deceptively LOUD sounds of annoyance! Whoever coined the phrase "dumb animals" didn't know what they were talking about....they emote quite well!
    Love the photos and story with them!


  3. the little houses are delightful. the cow so funny. hope he/she found greener pastures in the other field.

  4. There's nothing quite like the ol' well house for cooling off on a hot summer day. Beautiful photographs here; sure, Constance and the keeper, too.

  5. Wow what a beautiful place with history.
    when I saw this I had to think of my encounter with a calf last week.......
    Yeah I have a AW post as well.......
    Will post it after my comment .
    This was last week Wednesday. When did you meet your calf?

    I want to see that place next time. I'd like to think of a next time.....

    HAW dear


  6. Yes, I definitely want to visit Constance and friends when I come!!

    I love those houses....and I love that you asked questions to learn their history!

    And....mooooo..those names! So New "House of the Seven Gables" or "The Scarlett Letter"! What else would you name cows but "Constance", "Goodness
    I am sure there's a
    "Patience" too! Here in CA, the cows are named: Sunshine, Chardonnay and River!

    Anne is so right.....all animals (if one truly listens) make their needs, wants and disaprovals known!
    It's a good thing we couldn't really decipher what Constance was saying! A-ha-ha!

    What a great AW post!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. What a fun post (and trek to this special place). I love the photos and I felt like I was right there with you and Constance. Thanks a bunch!

  8. What a fun visit. I love Cows too. Lots of interesting places around you. HAW

  9. I really want one of those little stone buildings.

  10. fess up lo: that first amazing shot was taken somewhere in ireland or scotland or maybe in the abandoned sugar fields of saint john. :^)

    so very beautiful and serene. bring your camera honey: we'll be snapping soon xoxo!

  11. oh, i said nothing about the cows. my moostake.....

  12. haha, kj. so funny you and marianne both have cow photos! it's a very beautiful place you were at lo, i love that old building too, it's a treasure. happy late animal day!
    xoxo (i can't figure out how to make hearts anymore on this new computer!)

  13. Hi Laurel. How pretty. And Miss Constance must have found a mighty tasty treat to be so reluctant to leave.

  14. Oh, I love cows and she is a beauty. Great old buildings too!
    What a lovely place to hang out.

  15. What an interesting and fun post Lolo.


  16. Those little buildings would make little paintings, hint hint...