Monday, May 02, 2011

Walking through Freeport

I was away for most of Saturday and Sunday in Freeport, Maine. I had three hours to kill while hubby was at a seminar. Freeport has gotten so commercial but I was determined to find some typical New England pieces no matter what. I have to give the town credit for keeping the architecture true with the feel of New England. Even the McDonalds was in an old salt box house!  
Above is the restaurant we had dinner in and it was to die for, truly.
Blueberry glazed grilled salmon, roasted asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes!
I'll pretty much let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves with just a touch of commentary here and there.
Hopefully, I will get caught up with all of your blogs soon! 

The information center

forsythias!! I have missed them.

~baskets of freshly baked bread~

These two signs made me laugh. "When Pigs Fly" is the bread shop and upstairs is the psychic (where the forsythias are.)

A sign for me ;)

A tattered flag

The closest thing to a fine art gift shop. I found a hundred things I wanted to buy for friends! Very pricey but wonderful. Peek inside!!  

L.L.Bean, of course.

A sweet face and wagging tail

Another sweetie

Oh that Maine humor!

And finally, who knew?? I could have a new career!

Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for walking with me.♥


  1. thanks for the great tour. and i wasnt even tired after walking it! by the sign of bare legs and sandals i assume it was warm. glad you had a fun getaway.

  2. looks like a lovely place to wander and photograph! I think the sign of the *lobstah* is quite funny~~always heard that New England humor is very dry!
    The combo of the Pigs Fly and psychic are just too good to be true... ;-)
    Thank you for a lovely tour!


  3. I love the pic of the psychic's house with the forsythia in front. Lovely, lovely. And the two signs next to each other is too funny. :) Thanks for the tour! I am a little behind in blogging myself (need more TIME!). Have a great week, Lo! xox Pam

  4. Looks like a fun time was had. Love the yellow house with the forsythia in front of it. The when pigs fly sign and the blue skies with puffy clouds.

  5. It's always fun to go on a "tour" with you... and how ironic both you and KJ were in Maine!
    (It DOES look like the same Lab!

    The dinner sounds scrumptious......ummm...


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. throughally enjoyed the trek through this town. Loved the signs and ALL your photos! So, what did you buy me? LOL
    HOpe you got yourself something fun.

  7. I enjoyed this so much! It's been a long long time since I've been to Maine. It sounds like a blissful weekend Lo, I'm glad for you. Now I want to walk around there too!!

  8. Wow!
    thanks for taking me along!
    What a wonderful stroll...... Such beautiful pictures and funny ones as well.
    bet you got a lot of inspiration there.
    I noticed that the trees are still bold....... What a difference with here, everything is so green!!!!
    But it can't be long now I bet Spring never has skipped a year!
    So I guess anytime it will arrive at your doorstep.

    I will mail you soon♥


  9. What a lovely day for a walk. Thank you :)

  10. Sweet Lolo noone can tell tales like You and illustrate them with Pro pictures.
    It looks like a fairy tale you both went ot and that dinner,mmmm.

  11. I very much enjoyed your photos, but the two signs were PRICELESS.

  12. Sigh ... so beautiful! Thank you for taking us on such a lovely trip. :)

  13. Loved your little tour...New England seems so very far far away on so many levels to me...It was great to see her architecture and breathe in the sweet spring air with you. I loved the gently blooming trees and forsythia...Mmmm...memoriesof spring in the midwest flooded my mind. Nice treat! I also took a peek into that little shop...What bountiful treasures indeed! Loved that funky raven! :)

  14. Seeing some of these places reminded me of when I was in Freeport. We woke so early one morning that the only place open was LLBean so we had a nice tour of their establishment. I think it they did a great job of keeping the feel of the place with the architecture they have chosen to use.

  15. Wow! You seem to have found all of the places in Freeport that I missed on my visit the year of Hurricane Bob! I wonder if that oldtimer (just fur 'nuff out of town for one to need directions and information) is still settin' on his porch blankly answering questions:

    TOURIST: What do you do for excitement around here?
    OLDTIMER: Dunno. Never been.

  16. i love maine! i forgot how much until i was there too last weekend. driving along the coast is my favorite, so many shops and salt water and jagged rocks along the ocean.

    you capture the architecture so well, lo. i always look forward to your gallivants with your camera.


  17. we always buy "pigs fly" bread - so good!
    glad you are home and safe and sound. looks like a lovely weekend, something I need to do again with DG - get away from it all!

  18. I love your photos! That gift shop is super - I had a good nose around - can imagine you wanted to buy!

  19. My kids and I went here when we were traveling back from Nova Scotia.

  20. Is it my imagination, Laurel, or does Freeport have the feel of a small English town.

    Love the droll bakery sign comment on the fortune-teller. Very funny.