Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday Snippet 9...on Sunday

"Thorns and stings
and those such things,
Just make stronger
our angel wings."

~Terri Guillemets~

I'm going for a nice country drive today and stopping here. They're looking for more local artists.
We'll see what the vibe is :)

Blogger has been very very bad lately. I have been unable to leave comments for so many of you. I've been trying, I promise!

Happy and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone!


  1. i hope this takes too!

    have fun on your drive lo, that sounds like such a fun thing to do. and good luck with your art, it will be perfect for the place!

    beautiful card and saying, and oh so true!

  2. I know Blogger did not let me leave comments at the first two blogs I tried to view this would not even let me click on to them to see them! Now what is with that?
    But I got in here thank goodness.
    You have a wonderful drive and I do hope I cannot imagine they would not want your wonderful art so I know you will be leaving it there in that cute little spot. The review that first woman wrote was hysterical. Have fun wowing them!

  3. Have fun on your drive. It is a driving kind of day here too except that it is to be 92F. UGH... Blogger is BAD.

  4. I have been having the same trouble with blogger. have a fun drive and good luck with the shop.

  5. now blogger, don't you go erasing me! this is my friend's blog and i want to tell her i think i can often see her angel wings.

    and tell her too that these cards are fab. i hope she sells them in a set someday and i hope she sells a million zillion.


    blogger: behave! i'm hitting the publish button...

  6. Hey Lo! I'm so peeved with Blogger that I just gave up for a few days. This morning it wouldn't let me post, saying I had to 'enable my cookies'. Uh, yeah. Like I ever DISABLED them. lol!! Fingers crossed on the shop. Enjoy your drive! Love the card. :)
    xoxo Pam

  7. All this hassle with blogger.....:(

    Hope you had a wonderful drive with Bri! And hope the shop will be just as enthusiastic about your art as we all are! If not they are insane!

    Nice snippet!
    They all are!

    have a wonderful sunday!

  8. hope you had a nice drive and good luck at the little shop!

  9. how wonderful.
    try firefox -it is working for me.

  10. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday drive! Good luck with the little shop...xo

  11. Hi Laurel - blogger has been bad and I've been a bad blogger!! Sorry not to have popped in to see you lately - you know why! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my site! I love this 'snippet' - it's such a creative photo and the words are perfect! Clever girl!

  12. You and angels make a sonderfully great pairing...Love the quote...:) ♥