Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Sunday Drive

As it is for many, Mother's Day is a hard day for me. I don't have my mother any more, and being a mother myself just wasn't in the cards.
I picked myself a bunch of daffodils from the front of the house and then set off with my camera for a leisurely Sunday drive. It was blissful!
Remember to click to embiggen the photos :)

I'm always looking for painting inspiration. I can see this on a HUGE canvas! 

The stone wall at this house was just brimming with cherry trees!

I had to crop it this way to get rid of the power lines. I like it though.

One of the horses and the donkey at the historic Coggeshall Farm in Bristol, RI.

This is one of the wonderful stone outbuildings at Coggeshall Farm. I think gnomes still live there :)

I ended up driving to Sakonnet Point. It was picture perfect.

I love this shot. Those little boats are just waiting for summer passengers. 

And finally, just a roadside shot. You can see that not all of the trees have noticed spring is here! They'd better hurry before the snow flies again!
I ended my drive with a scoop of maple walnut ice cream as I reflected on my peaceful day.
Just what the doctor ordered!

I'll be gone for nearly a week. See you all when I get back!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, so glad that you did that for yourself.These are beautiful photos.
    Where are you off too? Have a wonderful time.xoxo

  2. I would have loved to take that ride around with you lo. Mothers day was very different for me this year. I should have done something like you, definetly finishing it off with a scoop of ice cream!

    I hope to see that cherry tree painted sometime!

  3. Dear BS,
    We share so much....you know my day was a lot like yours....my Mum now gone for 28 years....except I didn't take photos - or have ice cream! (Darn it.. I should have!)

    I echo Lori - YOU could make a magical painting from that Cherry Tree....

    I hope we connect tonight.

    Love, always,

    ♥ LS ♥

  4. A great set of photographs, Laurel. You've inspired me as well, so off I go this afternoon with camera in hand. You should gather up some cherry blossoms after they fall and make a few sheets of paper ... do some small tempera sketches on them.

  5. Beautiful photos...I could feel myself driving along with you. You live in such a gorgeous area!

    Have a happy holiday!!! xo

  6. I'm glad you were able to take yourself to beauty and bring some of it into the house with those flowers. You are the mother of wonderful paintings Laurel. Hugs! And thanks for taking me with you on this beautiful expedition.

  7. That is a wonderful way to remember your mom, on a drive full of nature and life. The cherry tree is gorgeous! Ours are all done, and now we have green everywhere. Not that I am complaining, mind you! xox Pam

  8. I know people who suffer on Mother's Day because they had cruel mothers. It's sad... Your photos, however, are wonderful! We have a huge cherry tree in our backyard, but it won't blossom for another week or so. I always say it's the slowest cherry tree in all of Japan.

  9. have a wonderful trip. I know mother's day can be so sad for so many. My mom is gone also, however i spent a lot of time thinking of her that day.

    Once I conducted a writing workshop in my home and asked the group for topics. Or maybe we selected topics out of a hat. One was mother's or maybe mother's day. One woman wrote a very painful story which when she read aloud she burst out in tears.

    Anyway thanks for your beautiful photos. love that little stone house!

  10. things are very hectic when i read about instead of hear about your sunday drive! xxoxo :^)

    this is your time lo.

    and, you certainly are a Mother.
    woof woof and meow meow.

    i know i am lucky to still have my Mother but there is some sadness in her advancing age and losses too.

    you have the right idea fot the occasion: gallivanting.

    ms. kj

  11. Love that cherry blossom - so very pretty en masse like that! Hope you have a good week away.x

  12. I can see all sorts of painting possibilities. I hope you have a nice trip.

  13. You enbiggen my life with your friendship.

    Have a good trip - love mim

  14. Beautiful Mother's Day you had. Like you, I am child-free and no mother. We just find our own ways to honor ourselves and you did well.

  15. Lo you are a 'mother' to so many, us included. Your day sounded just perfect. Being a mom isn't always easy or perfect!

  16. Oh dear...... I always feel that Mother's Day Isn't as beautiful as the shops would like you to believe for everyone........
    I am a mother and still have mine , but I was unable to visit mine because my car needed repair first after my last visit..... :(
    I didn't feel well and ended up with a guilty feeling, which sucked also.
    Your day sounded much better and I agree what I read on Doris'blog we women are all nurturers we either mother people or animals.
    Some how all these days suck. Like we have animal's day here. It should be animal day every day, just like mother's day father's day christmas, you name it.

    Love your pictures and I would have loved spending that Sunday with you!
    Sure one of those pics is going to be an inspiration for a lovely painting:)

    Wishing you a safe and happy trip!


  17. I so enjoyed wandering through your lovely day. It was a fine gift to yourself. I agree - the gnomes still live there. I'm sure I saw one peek out. I vote for a painting of the beached boats. That would be especially nice. Enjoy your time away and see you when you return.

  18. Lovely photo essay! And I love your pelicans. : )

  19. All beautiful, but I absolutely love that little stone building. Safe travels!

  20. That massive cherry tree is tugging at my heartstrings...just like you do with your lovely art and your heartfelt words...:) ♥xo

  21. I love the emotion present in your art. This entry was so beautiful. -Lola http://www.happinessinspiration.blogspot.com

  22. Ooooh Lolo so sorry for You.....,but great pics and I'm looking forward for that canvas ;))
    Well have to admit something I hate Mothersday all those commercial days and ate a whole pint of Chunky Monkey ;))

  23. Those cherry blossoms are fantastic. They look a lot like our almond blossoms here in Portugal, but I don't think I've seen as big a tree as that. I'll be watching out for your version in paint.