Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Animal Wednesday Whimsy

I was going to post more zoo photos today but I realized that they depress me.
I like zoos that can give animals enough space to roam and mimic their natural habitats as best as they can. I know some zoos save animals from dying by offering them a life of captivity instead. In most cases I don't find this to be kind.
All I have to offer you this Wednesday are a couple of ATC's of mutts I made up.
I'm also including a photo of my sweet cat, Bliss who had another mini crisis which put me into a major financial crisis. She's fine and she's worth it!
Hug your fur babies. They are not going to be here forever.
On that note, Happy Animal Wednesday!!  


  1. WOW...Bliss is gorgeous!!! What a fluffy kitty!

  2. Of course lovely pics but sorry to hear about bliss and the latest vet bill. I used to shut my eyes when the bill came - couldn't handle it!

  3. Bliss looks regal all spread out on the table. I hope she feels better. Zoos can be depressing.

  4. glad to hear Bliss is doing okay after her recent illness. The ATC's are adorable. Hope warm weather comes your way soon to temper the upsets!

  5. Zoos CAN be depressing....though there are several, i.e. Bronx, San Diego, where ALL animals have tons of room to roam....but sadly, they are few and far between.
    I understand your feeling....I haven't been to the SF one in many years...

    The ATC's are so uplifting! (Especially that certain "Diva" hiding behind her shades!) As for Bliss.... she looks gorgeous and happy...

    Hope you have sun today! It's cooled down 30 degrees here! Waaah!


    ♥ LS ♥

  6. Our fur babies are with us for far too short of a time! Kisses and hugs to Bliss and you! Glad she came out okay and it's only money. Love the drawings :-). xoxo

  7. Well, my three bellowing babies have FEATHERS, so there is no hugging them, but they *DO* remind me frequently when they think they need treats. (spoiled ROTTEN, they are....I am well trained!)
    Your cat is amazing, and yes, they are family and deserve the same care. I hope kitty does well and I hear ya on the vet bill---it's as much as people-doctors.

    Anne...who loves the ATC's!!!

  8. Oh your bliss!! She's gorgeous Lo! I'm sorry about the money, I don't even want to know what we've spent on pets, but like Anne said, their family.

    Darling atc's! Those are the tiny cards?

  9. Oh dear, sorry about Bliss and the bill :( - she's so gorgeous, hope she's fine now. The ATCs are sweet!

  10. I missed this somehow. Been busy outside lately. Love your doggies and so glad Bliss is alright. Our nikki is getting so fragile at 14.. breaks my heart that she is getting so old. So I do hug her daily.

  11. Gotta love the red frames :) I know what you mean about zoos.

    Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!

  12. I agree about zoos.

    Your cat looks like she is one with the table top.

  13. you know how i feel about zoo's lo. it's so wonderful to learn about animals and birds but the captivity part always makes me sad.

    you paint these spunky cool critters so effortlessly. each one has a personality and life of its own!

    so so sorry about the vet bill. jeez louise. i'm glad bliss is alright and i hope there are no more trips to the vet's all spring and summer.

    love love

  14. Bliss is worth a fortune (in many ways)
    I agree on the zoo....... but there are a few good sides on them as well and a few good zoos.
    The ATC's are great. That's how animals should be: happy!

    Hope Bliss will stay healthy now for a long time!


  15. I agree about Zoos too but we have one near Burgau, Zoo Lagos, where the animals have very good environments and there are no animals from climates that are very different from our climate here in Portugal. No polar bears for instance. I visit the animals there quite often and they are quite happy. Some of the birds are not even in pens but they stay there. There is some type of monkey that sometimes gets out and goes to neighbours' houses and sneaks in the windows and steals things. But this monkey always returns to the zoo. He likes his home.