Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Animal Wednesday: I Lost My Gorilla

I've been going through some of my art lately and choosing which ones to frame and sell. I have always loved this guy. I can't find him anywhere though. He should be in the box with my other paintings on paper but he's not.
I'm on my way to call the Gorilla Rescue Police.
I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I hope your gorillas are safe and sound.

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. that is a funny title lo, i think it's safe to say no one else will have it today!

    your gorilla is such a lovely rendering, so true to life. i hope you do recover him soon, i'm sure he's hiding somewhere.

    happy animal wednesday!

  2. Hmmmm...a missing Gorilla? I know you will locate him....(perhaps next to your webacm?) Ha-ha!

    He is so wonderful and as Lori says, as real as real can be.

    Love to you, SH, Princess and Bri,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Incredible! This touches my soul. The depth of your work always amazes me. I hope you find it.


  4. Maybe you can write a book? How to loose a gorilla........
    I just love this painting \He has the perfect look!


  5. What a handsome fellow. I hope you find him soon. HAW.

  6. I love that gorilla - wish I could confess to stealing the painting but cant!

  7. I would have stolen the gorilla, given the opportunity. :) I love gorillas. Yours is amazing. I hope you find him! xox Pam

  8. Ahhh he's adorable. I hope you find him. You need to get his photo on a milk carton!!

  9. anyone who questions if animals have souls just needs to meet you, lo

    this is a personal favorite of mine. the gentleness is deep.

    you gotta find him. unless he's on vacation...


  10. He's so cute!Love his expression, so real:)

  11. oh maybe he will turn up somewhere soon. he sure is sweet.

  12. Hi Laurel. I've had similar things happen to me. The lost items do tend to surface though. The oddest thing though is a poem "I wrote" over 30 years ago. I add the quotation marks because I have absolutely no memory of ever writing it. The handwriting seems to be mine and the words are familiar but did I write it? I found it in a folder with several other things I wrote so I guess it must be so but oh, how frustrating to not be able to find the memory of its creation.

  13. dang! I hate it when that happens...losing a gorilla that is. Can't say I've ever lost one though.

  14. You made me a set of cards of him when we 'fostered' a gorilla from Africa, gosh that was 3 years I ADORE this face. hope you find him and real soon.

  15. that is perfect!!!! the hair (esp. the wisps that go over the ears) and the eyes are alive...