Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday: My Raven Sister

One day in October, 2008 I got a comment from someone new who signed her post, ""Love, Renee xoxo."
I wondered who this person was. And why did she sign it "Love, Renee?" We didn't know each other. I don't sign "love" unless I have known the recipient of my affection for some time.
Again, more "Love, Renee xoxo" comments came in before I had a chance to pay her a visit. It didn't take me long to know who she was and it certainly didn't take me long to love her back.
Yes, her profile says that she's living with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer, but that's not who she is, that's what she has. Her disease does not define her or hold her back.
To me, Renee is pure love. X's and O's are her personal alphabet. I'll never send or receive them again without thinking of her.
Renee has such a way of reaching out to the Universe with the most honest-to-God-no-bullshit vibes, it's viral. Her love is contagious. Her heart is stretched beyond capacity yet she always makes room for one more.
She loves the ravens that I often paint so one day she declared that we are Raven Sisters. I love that!
I could write a book about Renee and what she means to me. Another day perhaps.
Today I just want to be thankful for her. She'll probably never know how much she has helped me and how much influence she still has in my life.
I keep yellow flowers in the studio now. Yellow is her favorite color. Two of my ravens given to me by wonderful friends are standing vigil. The framed angel, another gift from a dear friend is there because Renee herself is an angel. The 'kiss' tile is a blown kiss to her every time I walk by.
We all know this is probably the end of her long battle. She'll leave a legacy of love and X's and O's, har'hars and many F-bombs!
She's Grace with a capital G and I miss her deeply.
Gentle journey Raven Sister.
I know I'll see you again.
love, Lolo xoxo 


  1. Something very special, Renee is. I've never known anyone like her and probably never will again.

    A beautiful tribute and post for her, Lolo!


  2. This sweet tribute to Renee brought tears to my eyes Lolo. I do wish her peace. ((hugs))

  3. Laurel....That was so beautiful. I met her through Sarah(Idaho) and I had just gotten through a tough year after my Dad died. She said I love your Ravens, I have a Raven sister who loves them just as much. At first for a couple months I was unclear who that was. Then she sent me over to you, for your beautiful colors and words. She loved you dearly, and always will. She would mention you alot. How funny it is that she connected so many strangers to become friends through her har har and love.

    She will always be the lil voice on your shoulder saying "har har-xoxo"


  4. Hi Lolo.... I am friends with Annie and KJ - and yes, (of course) Renee. I am a "blogless" person, but discovered her through Annie last year - and like everyone else, immediately fell in love with her spirit, her humour, her courage. I am (also) a "Raven-Sister"... loving these magical, yet court-jesterish birds since I was a child...and have read your blog for some time now. I have meant to write you many times to tell you how I admire your talent - and now, after this loving tribute to Renee, I HAVE to. I must say that I always used the word "Love" sparingly - for my parents, for my man, for my closest friends - but now, through Renee and KJ, I use it more frequently.

    Lovely, lovely post.....thank you for writing it. Renee will never leave us - as she has left a part of herself in every one of us.

    Robin (from San Francisco)

  5. I never knew Raven but after this post I wish I did. Just beautifully said Lolo.

  6. Tears are flowing here in the desert after reading this...your words are so deeply beautiful and heartfelt. I was fortunate to just recently met Renee through you this fall...and from that simple meeting and from the precious days that followed Renee has awakened my sleepy heart and taught me of the true meaning of real love. I thank you for sharing your raven sister and her love with all of us....what a gift to be thankful for indeed.

  7. A life, well loved, is truly all we ask for. Renee is loved, by so many, and will be missed by so many too...but how much less loved our lives would have been with out her presence.

  8. I have read several tributes to this wonderful woman. I'm sorry I did not know her as you all have, but feel the love from what you and others are writing. I'm happy that you have had this beautiful friendship. I pray her end of life will be a smooth journey.

  9. Another beautiful tribute to Renee Lolo. The more I read about her the more I get to know how special she is and will remain for every life she has touched.

  10. We will sit beside oneanother under the sun in heaven

    Renee adores you and so do I

    we will have our own angel above, and you have written about that so beautifully.... angel who says fuck and har har, your raven sister and my moon sister and our beloved friend


  11. So nice!Lovely tribute:)

    Lolo, you've been tagged
    Would love to know more about you...

    Chk here

  12. 'X's and O's are her personal alphabet'

    i love this line...


  13. It's true that Renee is one of a kind, she'll forever be in a tiny box of memory saved in my heart.

    Dearest Lolo, you left such kind and beautiful comments... Thanks for giving me a glimpse of your heart (^_^) ox

  14. What a lovely post for dear Renee, - she certainly would love your Raven tribute - I wish she could read it. She is such a special person who connected with so many of us - I think we have all learnt and gained much from her. Thank you too, Lolo, for spreading Raven love!x

  15. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. May she fly and be in peace. Lovely Lolo. Har har!

  16. i have a lump as large as a rock in my throat reaidng this.

  17. From me to Renee: 1 "X" and 1 "O".

  18. Lolo, this is so beautiful and heartfelt. I have only known Renee for about 6 months and I love her like I have known her my whole life. I miss her too and always will. I love ravens and xo's, I too will never see them again without blowing Renee a kiss. I do hope that her pain is over soon or that a miracle happens. We are all one in our love for Renee.

  19. YOU are very special too Lo-and I hope you know that.
    Renee, and all of us, are lucky to have you in our lives.

  20. YOU are very special too Lo-and I hope you know that.
    Renee, and all of us, are lucky to have you in our lives.

  21. O DEAR....
    What a beautiful post for your dear friend!
    She is in my thoughts and heart.
    Too bad she can't see ort read this but I am sure she feels comforted by the love and support you all are sending across the universe her way. Helping her.


  22. .

    black and yellow
    soul of a crow

    hugs and kisses
    things heart misses

    words with wings
    a friend who sings

    the winding path ahead
    the hand that beckoned and led

    cosmos whirling and swirling
    my mind purling and purling


    love and peace to the epitome of love, Renee... to a sister raven, lolo... to all...

  23. your words are stunning... like your visual works...

  24. Just sending you some hugs!!!!!!

  25. Oooh Lolo,
    Sometimes life is just so hard,why are the beautiful flowers picked first.
    It's 25 years ago the cancer took my Mom away,no not away from my heart she is there everyday.
    Send a litlle bit of strength to Renee because I know it's so hard to let go......
    Big Hug,Marja

  26. What a tender tribute to your friend. My heart feels squeezed full of xxxx's and oooo's.

  27. Oh, Laurel. I thought I had my crap together, and now I've lot it all again. You have me in tears. This is sincerely moving and tender and so very beautiful. I love how the one raven looks like she is sheltering the other. Renee is truly something special. How she could have connected so many people, how she could have spread so much love, how she could have touched my life without even meeting in person is mystical. But I shall not question it. I am just thankful to have been her friend. She loved you tremendously, and I love that you were Raven Sisters. Yes, we shall see her again one day. Thank you for such a wonderful tribute.