Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Catching Up

I've missed a couple of Thankful Thursday posts lately so today I'm here to catch up!

A couple of weeks ago Mim sent this adorable ATC because she said it reminded her of my dog Emma who is pretty much a reddish color. I just love the punched-out bone shape, the torn edge, and of course the MIM dog card it came in! Thanks Mim! Emma is waiting by the door ;)

Then Julie of "A Succulent Garden" totally surprised me with this wonderful owl atc sitting on a "Lolo" branch! It's hand-stitched and made if bright felt colors and it came in a matching card! Thanks Julie, I love it ;)

Miss Margaret of Waterblossoms sent me a sweet Valentine with one of her wonderful Heartangles. The message was "May your new roots allow your artistic muse to flourish!" What a treasure. Thanks Margaret! ;)

And finally Marianne sent me my "G" abc/atc which I can't show yet but she also sent me this exquisitely rich paper and envelopes with real flower petals and leaves which she brought back from Bangkok. I'll have to try to come up with something special to make from these! Thanks Marianne, wow! ;)

Thank you all for your wonderful, thoughtful gifts! May your blessings be many!


  1. I'm having so much trouble with the new formatting!!!!

    I have NO idea why I have white highlight after Mim's cards. I tried to get rid of it and deleted the whole post twice.


  2. the love is flowing across the world this week, such joy to see all of

  3. Nothing from kj....was has she been doing that she has not made a visit to lolo's mailbox?

    She'd best straighten out.

    Yours truly

    an interested party


  4. Oh darn

    I forgot to hit anonymous!

  5. And to think I mailed ANOTHER card to KJ today.



  6. Mail art is so beautiful and such a treasure to enjoy.

    Much to be thankful for.

    And I am thankful for you.

  7. What wonderful goodies. I feel so blessed just knowing everyone. So much love and encouragement.

  8. each gift is so extra special personal and wonderful. such riches...enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!

  9. I hate it when blogger decides to format for me. it's something to do with the HTML, you have to go to that tab and do something but I don't know what!!!!

    I need a thankful thursday to thank all my friends. I'll have to do a thankful week!!

  10. Love the Red dog. You got some pretty cool art pieces here. I thought I had left a comment here earlier in the day. hmmm I must be losing my mind.. lol

  11. What beautiful work, you sure have been blessed.

  12. I'm so happy your owl was a fun surprise!!! :)

  13. I wish blogger didn't hate me these days-I couldn't see your post, then I couldn't comment. BAH.

    Very cool-I'm glad I came back tonight.

  14. wow, lucky you and how nice it is ti send and receive wonderful art from everywhere. love the paper from bangkok especially

  15. What fun treats...I cannot wait to see what you design with that paper...Thank you for being YOU!