Monday, February 08, 2010

Global Greetings Mail Art blog

Hi There...yes, eleven friends from around the globe have started another blog!
This time we're doing mail art in the form of postcards with an inspirational quote or saying written somewhere on the card. It can be incorporated into the art or just simply be the written message. As we receive them, we'll post them. The fun will begin soon so stay tuned! I'll try to do a sidebar link thingy.
Marianne designed the header for us which I think is awesome!
I hope you follow us. This should be lots of fun!
See you at Global Greetings!


  1. I will be following. Looks like it will be fun.

  2. Oh boy, I am adding my sidebar gadget/badge now!! :)

  3. Looks like some awesome art is going to be floating around the world! I will be following this also.

  4. I'm excited for it to start! Although I still haven't purchased any supplies, or found my blank postcards or whatever! I'm always a little behind but I'll be sure to catch up in time!

  5. i'll be following too. i love postcards in general, and who could top ones that have both creative art and inspirational messages?

    you go, girls! fantastic idea

  6. So much fun to see what a group of collaborative artists/friends come up with ... lots of energy in group projects ... can't wait to see!

  7. That should be fun to follow. Yes, Marianne did a terrific job on the header.

  8. What fun, this will be a blast to keep up with!

  9. Good morning Lolo,
    The first surprise this morning was a white world when we went outside Beaudor and I he loves the snow.
    We went for a walk and when we came back I checked the mailbox and there was "LOLOmail"....
    Thank you very much they are soooooo beautiful and the Bears are my favourites.
    I´m sure Jorna will love her card of Jua so much we are going to mail it this afternoon.
    Chinese newyear and Valentine the 14 th and hopefully together with Marianne in Hong Kong we will think of you.
    Big Hugs and thanks again,

  10. Dear Lolo,

    Thank you for your nice offer,we love the bear ones in Dutch.
    What can I do for you,because my art is the kitchen that is a bit difficult to send.
    Wish you a nice day,