Thursday, February 04, 2010

Birthday Wishes to Jossie!

Well typical me, late to the party!!

It took me a while to find my party hat and my raven's party hat so we could throw a big bash for our dear friend Joss, aka Soulbrush!

She has been my true blogger friend longer than anyone else I believe. We've laughed and cried and shared private things through letters and over the phone.

She brightens my days with her sweet smile, her colorful and vibrant art and her warm heart.

Happiest of birthdays to you my dear friend. I know we'll meet one day! Love you lots! xoxo


  1. oh my darling friend lo, you bring tears to my eyes, you mean so much to me, you are the other side of me- the younger side of course lol, thanks so much for coming to my party (there isn't one, but let's pretend) and one day we will meet, i know we will. love ya lo, you mean so much to me! xxx

  2. Can I come too? Virtual visit is best-I don't want to give anyone the crud.

    Happy B-Day Joss!

  3. Great invitation!
    May I join too?!!!
    See Joss has seen it before going to bed so just in time to party!!!!!!!!

    Lovely collage!


  4. Awesome...I'm on my way! Love the party bling and Mr. Crow on your shoulder...What a wonderful friend you are...a super post! :)

  5. What a wonderful party. I love the hats. I love Joss too.

  6. wonderful pictures, amazing how you do that.

  7. Oh, how neat!!! What a couple of wild party women!!! I didn't realize it was Souly-B's B-day!!! YEAH!!!!! Love the party hats!!!

  8. Love your collage of you and Soul. You both look so happy and your freindship rocks!!! Hugs to you both, Birtday Hugs to Soul, and I am at the party with you all.

  9. could it get any cuter than this.

    here's what i think you two should do: have this picture made into atc's and go to a bar together. then pass out as many cards as you care to with your phone numbers on the back.

    HAHAHAHA, can you imagine what might happen next?

    happy birthday, joss.

    happy this day, lo.

  10. Its Soul's b'day?? B'day wishes dear Soul...and that was so thoughful, Lolo!!! Love the Collage.Party, thts gr8:)

  11. Oh Raven Sister.......

    I love you and I thank you.

    I love you because you just simply call out to be loved by me. And you have from the very beginning.

    I thank you because I received the most beautiful flowers tonight.

    Oh Laurel they are so beautiful I can't even tell you just how beautiful, but I had them sit beside me all night.

    They have started me on morphine this week for my back. Oh my God I am so weak I just don't have the will anymore but I know I will get it back. How are you and how is your back.

    See I ask, but really I only care about my own pain. I was at the hospital when my Mom died so I went and saw her tonight and she is so lovely.

    I love you my dearest and the flowers are gorgeous. They have made my day.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  12. that is a lot of fun; wishing you a happy birthday with many more years to come.