Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Catching up with gratitude

I have a huge list this week because I've fallen behind. Stay with me, it's worth it!
This smiling face is a hand drawn card from Mim with a little note about the collage below, saying she thought of me and had to send it to me! You know I love this raven collage!! I'll have to let the artist know how much I 'adore' it!

Thank you Mim!!! xoxo

Up next is this happy yellow ginham bag adorned with a sparkly butterfly in a brown package from the Netherlands.
It was filled with goodies from Marianne and her friend Marja's  from their trip to Hong Kong.
It has a wonderful smelling sachet and a lovely silken drawstring bag with butterflies... 

And this gorgeous pashmina from Marja which matches my eyes! You should see the pattern. Click to enlarge it! The photographs don't do it justice because I took them in terrible lighting.
I gasped when I opened the gift!

And did you see this card they had made for me at the Chinese New Year celebration?
They had it made while they waited. See the artist creating it on this video on Marianne's blog!
The dragon is for power, the fish is for prosperity, the butterfly is for beauty, the bird is for happiness and the heart is for love ;)

Thank you so much M & M!!!
Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
(This is the fun card they sent with a note!)

This is a wonderful bookmark sent to me by Lisa. What a wonderful quote by Van Gogh!
I need to silence that voice more often ;)
Thanks so much Lisa!!

These wonderful cards came from Joss! I love her drawing of the 4 cacti, one of my faves!
Inside was this adorable vintage postcard asking if I'd like kissing lessons from a dandy teacher!
What a hoot!
These wonderful, exotic atc's were inside too! "Mask" and "Market Day." Thank you dear friend. We're all in love with your African style art! xoxo
Is this not one of the prettiest cards you've ever seen? I love the layers of cut paper and the color combos.
It's from my dear friend KJ who now lives just over to hours away from me!
Inside was a little pocket with a tag for a secret message.
It says "Happy Spring, my terrific friend!"
Thank you KJ. Ditto! xoxo

Heartfelt thanks to all of you. Wow, how does this happen?
My gratitude is bursting forth!


  1. I hate the updated blogger!!!!!!

    I can't get rid of highlights that I never asked for. Posts take twice as long to do....frustratiing as hell!!

    But I'm still very, very grateful ;)

  2. glad you've got so many goodies!! I've been having trouble with blogger also...

  3. I love the pictures of everything but for some reason I can't read any of the text. Is it the same color as the background? I really want to read the post...

    Great pics though, I love them!! :)

  4. Such beauties!
    I can just barely read the text also.
    Hmm, I haven't been having any trouble with blogger and I hope it doesn't happen today now that I have said that. lol


  5. I've lightened the text but I'm still getting those stupid highlights. Grrrrr!!

  6. Yippee, I can see it now! Wow! You had a real haul, what wonderful treasures!!!!


  7. all beauties, specially the goodies from hk. we are such a bonded little group now, aren't we?

  8. Lots to be gratitudinal about !
    Love it all, lucky lady.

  9. I want to see a photo of you and that lovely pashmina...What glorious color...Simply glorious treasures from everyone!

  10. You have been mightly blessed. What a haul from M&M.

  11. Grr when blogger doesnt do what you want..... Did you try to switch to HTML to see what is the problem?
    I have been to Oprah today!!
    Saw Janet Jackson. Got her CD and a bottle of old spice (has something to do with the add on tv with that dark hunk.......)
    Well you watch the episode soon.
    What a load of goodies you got there!!!
    Actually only the card is from us the pashmina and the bags etc are from Marja!
    Glad you liked everything.
    The raven card is great and
    so is Soulś art and Kj word are true as ALways!

    I can post anything from here.....
    But I am very tired now so I just see a few blogs and hop into bed.


  12. What a treasure trove! Amazing! Oh the joys of technology! Hope you resolve the issues soon.x

  13. A little late in visiting, but loved all the gifts and treasures!