Sunday, March 28, 2010

Illustration Friday: rescue ( an encore piece)

Quite sometime ago Portnoy and Biff met at a no-kill animal shelter in the middle of America.
It seems Portnoy was a renegade that escaped a truck headed for the slaughterhouse. Afraid to go back to the farm, Portnoy walked for days until he met a kindly old gentleman who told him all about this shelter. Unable to properly take care of a pig, the old man gave Portnoy a ride to the door and waved a tearful goodbye. The volunteers at the shelter welcomed Portnoy with open arms and hearts. They brought him to his new quarters but on the way there he noticed by Biff, an old-timer stray dog with a twist in his tail just like his!
The shelter worker saw the connection between Portnoy and Biff right away and asked if they'd like to be roommates. Biff's spirits soared by having Portnoy around. They shared stories of life before being rescued and celebrated every day for the strange twist of fate that brought them together.

Two peas in a pod, those two. Old souls embracing a new lease on life.

(This was used for "IF" in 2007 for the word "twist."  I thought it was time for an encore!)

And I just noticed this is my 500th post!!!


  1. i have a friend like this.

    i am forever grateful.


  2. Oh, piggies and bulldogs ARE two peas in a pod. I wish I could run a shelter-but I cannot put that distance between myself and the animals that would be required in order to make the best decisions for the most good. I admire people who can and support then when I am able.

    Part of my taking stock in my own life has been to figure out how I can share the word and information without torturing myself in the process. A good trick if I can ever learn it.

  3. OH Lola, I love it. Working at Petsmart I get to see lots of wonderful dogs and cats. Also on Saturday and Sundays, rescue groups come in and adopt out their dogs. Yesterday and today there were some cuties. I love your post, thanks again for you kind comments on mine.

  4. Love the names of these 2 pups! Let me ask you...did Portnoy have any complaints?

  5. What a delightful story and drawing. I am so glad you gave it an encore. I like your new header too. I am so enjoying your blue phase.

  6. Love to see "old" work as I haven't seen all yet.
    Lovely story!
    And the illo is so sweet!

    Hope your weekend was wonderful!
    will try to mail tomorrow.
    Did your postcard tonight so I will mail that also


  7. you know i am a sucker for a bully, i didn't know you in 2007, so this is new and fresh and wonderful, so is your header. lotsa wfs for you today.

  8. Oh, I did enjoy this little tale of two curly tails! Glad you reposted this as I hadn't seen it! Congrats on your 500th - that's amazing!

  9. 500! Congratulations! All of my dogs are rescues from one situation or another. I wish more people would see the love a pet can give - they all need homes, even the pigs!

  10. Tender and sweet - thank you. Well, CONGRATS! To think we've been blessed with 500 thoughtful and creative post by you :)

  11. How do you come up with so many delightful drawings? Congrats on 500 postings.

  12. Look at the expression on those faces,,,what imagination you have!

    Rescued animals just seem SO appreciative of their new homes. At least that's always been my experience.
    Great,,, new to me post!

  13. Such a heart warming tale! Love the piece...too good!

    Your header pic is wonderful too:)

  14. Glad to see Portnoy and Biff are still together, Laurel! Excellent for "rescue"! LOVE it!

  15. A perfect piece for or old the message is key...Congrats! :)

  16. The term Heart Warming just is so purrfect for this story!

  17. Touching story!Love it!Adorable illo!
    Happy Easter!

  18. Sweet story.. & I like your new(?) banner.