Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This blogging community is unbelievable at times. I went to the mailbox on Monday and there was a package from Marianne and a package from Lisa at Greenbow. I knew to be expecting a birth mandala from Marianne but I had no idea what Lisa could have sent!

The package from Marianne contained a beautiful notecard that she now sells in her Etsy store, 2 mandala stickers, a lovely hand written note on the red mandala card and the original egg mandala that I had the hots for!! Thanks so much Marianne, you're spoiling me!!

Lisa sent me a book she had won from Teri C during one of her giveaways. Lisa asked teri if she wanted it back and Teri said "Lolo might like it. Send it to her!" So she did, and she also enclosed a beautiful bookmark that she collaged with a lovely garden theme. How neat!! I just love it!

Thank you ladies for your thoughtfulness and for being a reason why I continue to blog. Where else would I get all this loot??!! No really, bless you all ;)


  1. Don't you just love it when the postman brings such beauty to your mailbox?!

    Marianne always shares such beautiful things.

    I know Lisa enjoyed the book and when she asked you were the person that came to mind immediately. So read it, enjoy it and keep it or send it on.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed your bookmarks. I think you will like the book too. That Marianne is so generous and talented.

  3. You're one to talk....thank you so much for the beautiful cards!!!! I received them yesterday. Wow, that was so sweet and thoughtful of you. Let me tell you Mr. Unplugged was impressed but kept asking is it Apollo....duh, no, there are bunny ears on him, not a jewel encrusted crown! You are correct about blogging friends though..... xoxo

  4. What absolutely marvelous are from two terrific artists! Lucky you indeed. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Glad you liked your little gifts!
    The bookmark is gorgeous!
    I can see it has been made with love for you! And the crow addition is just fabulous don't you think?
    You get what you deserve in life, most of the time true like now. you spread such beauty and happiness yourself!

  6. Thought of you so much yesterday. Is Bailey being put at rest today? You take care.

    Did you know that I am beautiful and I have a tile to prove it. I love it. Thanks Sister Raven.

    Guess what I received a print and a card the very same day, form a very talented friend of mine who has now become my raven sister. Or is it she was always my raven sister and has now become my friend too.

    I think one of the reasons I really love this picture is because the other side looks just a step away. And it doesn't look to bad on the other side either.

    Thank you Laurel. I love it all.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. golly gosh all gorgeous and uou so deserve to be spoilt, you are always spoiling us. love ya lo.

  8. Yabbadabbadoo...and a WooHoo too! :) Beauteous blogging buddy bounty!

  9. It's always special to receive something beautiful from a friend. Enjoy.