Monday, April 13, 2009

Cactus Monday: Blues Barrel

I have the hardest time coming up with fresh cactus ideas! Here's a quick ATC of a barrel cactus in a barrel done in blues and greys. This ATC has a linen texture...weird but nice to work on.

Happy Cactus Monday!!


  1. Nice. Did you just whip that out for today? I like the textured paper too.

  2. Very cool cactus! I like painting on linen canvas too.

  3. Wow I like it!
    I am crazy about color but sometimes the lack of it can be so soothing.
    I have these paper too. but try it one time....

    Happy Cactus Monday!

  4. this looks fresh and new and wonderful. love it lo. hcm fellow cactuteer.

  5. Happy Cactus Monday Lolo. I also have trouble with cactus themes.

  6. We're on a wavelength again.

  7. Sweet Raven, sweet raven, let me in.

    How did the paper thing go. Are you going to do the interview?

    How is your sweet gorgi. Can you say what is wrong with it.

    Letting go of the cards would be big time hard. And you know in another way it might have felt freeing.

    Glad the dream interpretation made sense.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  8. I love the color of this...the light and shadows and the black spines so whispy. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! You are so awesome!!! Happy, happy, happy Cactus Monday!!!

  9. Sometimes the best work is from a bit of desparation, and I like the blue cactus, and blue barrel.

    Unexpected and fresh, and love all the detail!

  10. What a great blue cactus sketch. I think I would like to try linen canvas.

  11. a hard time coming up with fresh ideas? ha! i think your ideas are amazing. i love the white and blue here. so simple and fresh.

    kj is a broken record because she loves lo and her talent.


  12. I was wondering what this beauty was. I'm calling it "A Blue Barrel in A Blue Barrel" very original Laurel!

    Considering it's the size of an ATC , it is a gem of a piece! I love the subtle colors and delicate lines...

    Have a HCM and a wonderful week.

  13. This is so nice...very simple & sweet:)
    It's nice to find out working in different textures, right?


  14. I've often thought it would be cool to do some cactus drawings, and you're really doing it. I like this one--very different from the others I've seen (which I also really like--they're so bright!).

  15. Nice cactus with a different twist, maybe he's a bit depressed since it's blue.......

  16. Love the cactus...Came over by way of Renee....You are wonderful artist and writer...


    Sonia ;)

  17. I LOVE...I repeat LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna trade??? Hee Hee!

  18. Hey Raven Sister come fly with me.

    When I said let go of the cards I was talking about the cards that you have had for 16 years and you cleared out for your move. Not the souldcollage cards.

    But on the other post I meant I would love you to show us a card once a week or every other week to see them as they are so beautiful and meaningful.

    It will be so hard for your clients to let you go. I know I would never want to.

    Love Renee xoxox

  19. Love this - nice textures, so unusual! When you get a moment I've left you two awards at my blog!

  20. Lolo, Iam waiting for you take your award & I don't see it:(
    Good Day, Friend!

  21. Love it - nice texture contrast to the soft colors!! Okay, gotta get me some cactus sketches goin' soon :>


  22. Sorry to drop by late. It's so beautiful! Love the soft touch that you have created lolo!

  23. This is actually very clever of you!!

    HCM belated.