Tuesday, April 21, 2009

KJ Interviews Me!

KJ, one of my newest and best blogger buds has come up with five questions of her choosing to ask me. I'll do my best not to put you to sleep!

Who was the WORST friend you ever had, and why?

I decided not to go with my original answer because it's just too painful to rehash. I think the worst friend anyone can ever have is someone who lies, cheats or takes advantage of you.I'd give nine cents of my last dime to anybody I thought needed it more than me, but if they befriended me first and then stole that dime, well, it would be like ripping my heart out. That's a simple example but I think you get it.

What is your favorite part of your body, and why?

I would have to say my heart because of it's capacity to keep loving, trusting and giving even though it's been damaged a million times.
I'm always surprised at the times I feel I have no more of me to give and then I see someone who needs compassion and empathy or just a simple hug because they have no one else. I'm amazed at the resilience of my heart.

If you could design your own house and yard, what would it look like?

Ever since I can remember I've wanted a rambling New England Farmhouse with a refurbished barn turned into an art studio. I'd love to bus inner-city kids in for a few weeks each summer to get a taste of the country life and get free art lessons given by myself and my talented, generous friends.

I'd have an English style garden on one side of the house with arbors of Cecille Bruner roses and a vegetable garden in the back. There would be an assortment of previously discarded animals soaking up the good life, forgetting their nightmarish pasts. My house would have enough spare room to be a refuge from the storm for any of my friends that needed a safe place and a new beginning. Oh how I would love a house like this!

What irritates you more than anything else?

Ignorant pet owners. There needs to be more education out there for people on spaying and neutering as well as general care and nutrition.

I can't stand to see a pet that's never allowed inside to be a part of the family. Dogs are not meant to be back yard decorations, and people who think that cats are too independent and therefor don't need love and contact~what rock were they born under? Animals reflect what we teach them. They really do want to please us. My heart sings when I see a happy animal and know that they landed in the right home.

How would you describe your connection with animals?

I'd have to say it's almost a spiritual connection for me. I haven't met a dog or cat that I couldn't befriend. Even the wildest ones that I couldn't pet knew I was there to help in some way. I have the patience of a saint when it comes to gaining the trust of a frightened animal.

Animals are our best friends, family members and healers. I can't imagine a world without them.

Thank you Miss KJ! This was a fun interview. xoxo


  1. oh lo, you touch my heart every time you say something. it's always so profound!isn't the heart an amazing muscle, it just keeps on bouncing back. i would've so loved to be meeting you yesterday ...one day my friend we will meet!hugs and lotsa wfs.xxx

  2. Lovely interview, your capacity for using that heart of yours seems to constantly be expanding.....take care.

  3. I love learning more and more about you. You are one of the coolest humans ever, and the critters of this world are lucky to have you as their advocate!

    I was afraid when you were asked who was the worst friend you ever had, you were going to say me, hee hee! (Not really, you are the such an understanding, patient gal.)

  4. interesting questions and answers. your dream house sounds so magical.

  5. An interesting interview LOLO. I am amazed at how effortlessly you are able to express yourself. You are an open loveing soul.

  6. Lolo, it's always a joy to learn more about you as it deepens my appreciation for having you in my world. Way to go KJ!

  7. Yes, your warmth and big heart, and being able to share it with others is one thing i am truly grateful for ever meeting you on the blogosphere!

    That rambling farm house, new england style, mmm, with a rose-and flower garden on one side and vegetables on the other, i can see it already, that would be nice!

    Great interview, Laurel

  8. these answers make me so proud to be your friend. indeed, your heart is as wide as the universe, lo. i know that first hand.

    and you are a wonderful writer. you speak of emotion and humanity with simple elegance.


  9. Hey....me again....just noticed you left Apollo a comment Friday. Since I was out of town this weekend...I just read it! He likes the idea of removing the squeaker from the toy. He was in dog heaven since my son was here with him, he was bathed and his nails are always groomed - they are better than my own!

  10. You decorate all of our lives with the palette of your heart! :)

    A soulfully beautiful interview.

  11. Laurel this is so you. You have the biggest capacity of anyone I know for love.

    Your heart always seems in all that you do.

    The animals that have you as their champion are truly blesed.

    I am so happy your husband and you are taking that leap of faith. Remember his dreams and how he needed to get away from there anyway.

    Are you super busy packing? And that heat you are suffering from. Aaaccckkk.. I hate the heat.

    You never put bullshit and did you know that my family is in love with you too. So they love to see what you write and think you are so kind.

    I laughed at the American Idol. har har. I watch it sometimes if it is on. But not enough to know what the heck is happening.

    Did you see that Susan Boyle on Britain's got talent. Beautiful singing. And by th way Simon was totally hot there.

    Love you. Renee xoxoo

  12. i enjoyed reading these things about you :) good questions from kj and excellent answers from you!

  13. What super questions, Lolo and fabulous answers. Your heart, obviously as big as Australia! I adore animals, we have a crazy dog called Buster and 2 highly individual cats, Sandy and BlackJack and love them all to pieces! You sound like such a wonderful person and I bags first stay in your special new house. I'm a great gardener too.