Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Tis A Puzzle

Well, I had intended this to be a jigsaw puzzle design but my submission was rejected. Oh well! This was many years ago when I was sending out portfolios like crazy. I haven't submitted anything in years but I'm thinking of getting my feet wet again. The problem is I don't do any digital art or tweaking because I never learned how and all the companies want you to know so many digital programs. What's wrong with good old fashioned art supplies for pete's sake?

Well, here's my plain old acrylic and colored pencil fancy schmancy gecko!

Happy Animal Wednesday! And don't be afraid to show your true colors.


  1. I can FEEL this Geko on the page! It is so real to me. I do hope you get your feet back in as your art is terrific and should sell!

  2. Wow, holy crap. Fantstic.

    By the way it is not okay. We can share things and you support me all the time. I would like to be able to support you too.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  3. Hey! For work like that a vector program would work pretty good. Computers are really great for some things and stinky for others. I thought computers would solve a lot of problems (and they do at times) but they also can create a lot of havoc and you can spend twenty times the work trying to achieve a traditional looking work when you could just do it the old fashioned way fairly quickly...If you can swing a copy of Illustrator I can send you a great book...An 'easier' program for me was Freehand for doing line work for some of the tools. If I lived next door to you I could show you some quick simple stuff that would cover most of your needs...but I don't so books are the best I can offer. I might be able to look into some other you have a Mac????

  4. i like your true colours. please be just YOU. HAW

  5. Fantastic. I agree. What IS wrong with the good old fashion way?

  6. I'm with you on the computer stuff - give me good oldfashioned crayons! I love this he's beautiful and colorful and wonderful and perfect for a Happy Animal Wednesday.

  7. I am loving this fancy smanchy gecko.

  8. Love the gecko! Crazy company who refused this!
    My husband told me on the phone this morning that your envelop has arrived so I know a lovely surprise will be waiting for me when I come home!
    happy Animal Wednesday!

    hugs >M<

  9. so magestic!

    you capture the soul too...
    and many digital arts lack it... because they do not know the true art of paiting...

    but an artist like you can easily learn those technics... your work is fabulous... you know the essential... those digital technics are just like when you change you brush or color... so don't fear them...
    sometimes we are forced to change our vehicle... to go on....
    keep your old lovely graceful car, but buy a new one too...

    you are needed on the path...


  10. LOL-I just bought photoshop elements for the mac because I LOVE that program and am tired of not being able to do what I'm used to. But I have enjoyed workng with pencils and brush too-and will continue to do so because I think one skill enhances the other.

    I've also got an "ink pad" Ive never used but will fiddle with this winter-Not sure how the tactile of pressing is going to translate to a touch screen.

    But, you can't really take the digital stuff outside-too much glare, too much dust and too many critters to knock over the expensive toys.

    I like Illustrator too, but have never been proficient in it.

  11. Love that gecko!! Those dummies that rejected it.

    belated HAW

  12. "you are needed on the path"

    hb wrote this and i have chills reading it, because it is so true.

    you are needed on the path, lo. that's what you need to know.


  13. Gecko really look great, love the vibrant colours here:)

  14. AND he's just beautiful. I'd do him as a puzzle! Stupid companies can't see beyond their own noses.