Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life Is A Breeze!

A sweet award has been given to me by the wonderful Caroline over in Malaysia,
and designed by the talented Peter Breese.
She is an amazing, accomplished artist who inspires everyone around her. I was honored that she wanted my pigeon envelope and happy that she had won it! She sent me a lovely origami butterfly card in return which I will send as a letter to someone once I move back east.

For all of you who have given me awards in the past, you know I don't follow the rules! I just can't name a few of you to pass it on to because you all touch my heart and feed my soul and encourage me to keep on keeping on.
You're my extended family in a way and I'm crazy about all of you!

Caroline also gave me the Renee Award, given to me by Ms. Renee herself as well. You can see it in my sidebar to the right. I promised Renee I'd always keep it on top ;)

This loving award was given to me by a new friend Deepaz in Dubai!
She's an enthusiastic little artist who has a huge heart. Thank you my friend!
So please take these awards because all of you deserve them, and pass them along as you see fit.
If you play by the rules, pick six people to pass the "You Make Life A Breeze" award to, and 7 people for the "I Love Your Blog" award.
Thanks again ladies!! xoxo


  1. Sweet that you receive all these lovely awards and pass them on.
    Wondering what is possessing you to leave sunny california for the east coast...I wish you well in this transisiton!

  2. Congrats on the awards, you are very deserving....and kind of your to pass them on. I don't think I have caught your reason for your move.,,,,maybe that was announced before my arrival.

  3. A huge congrats for so many very well sederve it:)
    You are very sweet.

  4. Lovely awards! I love the breezy one. Congratulations to a very deserving bloggette!